14 main mistakes when styling and promoting your Instagram account

5 min read
15 October 2020

1. Unclear account bio

The first mistake is an unclear account bio. It is even worse than no information in it at all — you act like a celebrity who you aren’t, and people don’t understand a thing about you.

2. No positioning yourself

The next mistake is when you don’t explain to people who you are either in the header or in the description box. As a result, the title seems clear but too general.

Say, you have written that you are a mom of five, able to set target advertising and cook a delicious pizza. That is an example of poor positioning. A new person won’t get a clear idea of who you are and won’t follow you. Remember – your followers should clearly understand who you are and what your blog is about.

3. Boring bio

Your bio is boring, and despite being understandable, is written in a dull and non-expressive language, without any trace of humor. It is clear what your blog is about, and so is your positioning, but you are not unique.

There is no name in the header description box, and people prefer following a real person, even if it is a commercial account.

4. Boring profile picture

A profile picture that is not genuine, unnoticeable, dull, and bland doesn’t stand out in the feed full of other profile pictures. Take a good photo and edit it by adding contrast and attractive elements.

5. No Stories

If someone’s account doesn’t have Stories these days, it looks abandoned and as if nothing is going on there. Sometimes bloggers take a break on Sundays, for example, and it is just fine. It is understandable if a person has several thousand followers, but it is unjustifiable for recently created accounts that aim to grow and increase the number of followers.

6. No location tags

The next mistake is not to tag a place your project is associated with or the location of your business.

For example, if you are a photographer, you need to tag your location, and the same should be done if you have a commercial account.

7. Mix of languages

Say, your name is written in English and other information — in Russian or another way round. So there is a mix of different languages in the bio.

Make sure to choose one language. If you have target audiences that speak different languages, use the language of a bigger audience. You can still write posts in two languages.

There are accounts where people use the Translate button and read texts in their native language.

8. Irrelevant link in the bio

It is a link in your bio that redirects a user to a random page, for example, a VK page, where a user needs to write a message or send a request, or to an overloaded website that will take ages to open and that is not adapted for mobile phones.

As a result, you distract attention away from the desired action you want users to take. Use a multilink tool service. There you can create a basic design: add a text, picture, and links.

9. Unordered Highlights

Another mistake is to add everything to highlights without any design concept or plan you stick to.

Consider what you should add to Stories and what message these Stories should convey. If you focus on particular topics on your account, create a highlight for each one, and add Stories there.

Not everyone is going to watch your Stories, but people interested in your account or particular topics can view Highlights to find out more details. Some of the followers will be watching them and will know you better just by viewing the stories you have uploaded to Highlights.

10. No promotion

You don’t promote your account, and you hope that the number of followers will increase by itself if you make high-quality content. Unfortunately, it won’t happen.

These days it is impossible to grow your account on this continent organically. You should promote it— buy advertising from bloggers, collaborate with other bloggers or similar account owners, run joint live streams, and advertise each other in Stories. Otherwise, nothing will change.

11. Participating in giveaways

There are so many destroyed accounts that have 200 thousand followers and only 50 likes under photos just because the owner participated in a giveaway once. You cannot do much in this case: you should either invest lots of money to promote your account legitimately, for example, buy advertising from bloggers, or create a new account. For this reason, we strongly recommend avoiding giveaways.

12. Fake followers or likes

Back in 2015, you could deceive people with fake followers or likes, but these days it is not possible. Driving up followers is dangerous for your account — Instagram can block it. Moreover, it is always clear from the number of likes and comments.

13. No personal content

Another mistake is running an expert account that aims to be useful but share no life stories, thoughts, considerations, and memes. It is not what you should do now.

If you want users to be interested in your expert content, you should be open to your audience and share everyday-life content, otherwise, it won’t work.

14. Too much personal content

The opposite mistake is to talk only about your personal life and share information about the food you have just eaten, places you have visited, and the impressions you have. If you are not a celebrity — you need to have a topic to focus on or a thematic account.