2021 Depositphotos visual trends

2 min read
26 January 2021

Depositphotos is one of the biggest marketplaces of visual content with a library of more than 190 million files. Depositphotos is sure to know what will be on-trend in 2021.

Snackable videos

The first trend is snackable videos. They are the videos that, figuratively speaking, are ideal for on-the-go “consumption.” This trend obviously comes from TikTok. Short videos are also on Instagram now (Instagram Reels).

You should not ignore this trend of short 15-second videos that allow you to share something interesting, funny, educational, and concise.

Symbols of optimism

Since the previous year was quite challenging for brands, they actively tried to build new relationships with their clients. Previous buy-and-sell relationships started looking more like a friendship. These are called “signs of optimism.” The trend is about being client-friendly, optimistic, and with high hopes for the future.

Authenticity 2.0

This trend is about being authentic, present at the moment, and going back to basics. Here we can see family portraits, photos of countryside houses, and dinners. Try to implement this trend to the visual identity of your brand.

Wellness first

No doubts, staying healthy is on top of our minds these days. A healthy sleeping routine, regular physical activity, and yoga are things we should focus on and practice daily.

If your business is in any of the above-mentioned fields, you can be sure to see it growing. However, it is relevant not only for health, food, and sports industries that focus on peoples’ wellbeing. It can also be applied to the choice of colors in design with a preference for balanced color combinations and mild tones.

In general, even if your brand doesn’t directly deal with health, still, as a person who promotes services and sells products, you should think about your customers’ health and deliver this approach through your visual identity and in your messages.

In the report by Depositphotos, you can read about many other trends. You will be able to learn about a shift towards online events and how they took shape, AR, different approaches to communication with clients in the context of the last-year events, and much more.