3 life hacks to make your YouTube channel grow rapidly

2 min read
17 June 2020

Life hack #1: short useful videos

Videos should be as useful and short as possible. For example, such types of content as life hacks, tips, or “how-to” videos will more likely be successful.

Make these videos short – about 2-4 minutes. When you gain more experience, you can start creating 10-15-minute videos.

Create videos on those fields you are familiar with, and in which you have experience.

Write down a shortlist of ideas for such videos, make a few of them, and publish them every two or three days. There is a bigger chance that YouTube will recommend one of those videos, and you will get more views, than as if you would be filming traditional blog videos or interviews for half a year.

Life hack #2: the right name for your video

As soon as you have made up and written down a list of ideas, try to find popular videos on those topics. Draft the names of your future videos using the phrasing that already exists on YouTube. You need videos with lots of views and not many subscribers on the channel it is published. It means that YouTube recommends the video for some reason.

After this, when you will be posting and optimizing your video size, use the right phrasing to create the name for your video. It will give you more views and will get YouTube to recommend your videos very often.

Life hack #3: catchy cover

Create a cover that will not repeat the name of your video but will have some additional interesting information. This way, you will give more information to potential viewers to make them click on your video, increase CTR, and the click through rate of your cover.