5 secrets to Instagram success

2 min read
28 June 2016

In the era of content marketing, everyone is talking about the fact that the success of a blog directly depends on the quality of its content. It does, but for some reason everyone started to forget about the technical side of things. After all, even cherry pie can be made with fresh or frozen berries. And the first one will definitely get more positive feedbacks, despite all the efforts of the chef. Instagram Analytics proves that technical nuances of photography directly affect the number of likes for a certain post. We decided to tell you about five criteria of a successful photo for your Instagram account.


Bright images receive 25% more likes. It´s the law of life – something colorful gives more emotions than something black and white.


The background of an image always plays an important role. However, it should not distract from the main object. Using cinema terms, there must be a minimum of two plans on any of your photos, and background always serves as the base. Background can be blurred, sharp, white, red… as long as it sets the object apart. Our Instagram Analytics tool shows that photos with the background get 30% more likes.

The dominant color

There can be both a dominant color in a photo (which occupies more than 50% of the photo) and few basic colors. Statistics show that photos with one dominant color receive 15% more likes on Instagram.


It turns out that object or background texture is important for Instagram users. Textured photos will get twice as more likes, than flat pictures.

Blue is cooler than red

It´s a pure psychology - blue color gets 24% more likes than red one. Again, we´re talking about the dominant palette. However, the sunset still gains more “hearts” than just “blue” or just “red” photos. Because in heaven that´s all they talk about…

P.S. Lies, damned lies, those statistics. You may not trust these Instagram Analytics. But if you have photo blog or brand account, listen to our advice or just check your most liked posts. You can do this with analytics tool on Onlypult.com service.