7 principles I understood when I got 200 subscribers on YouTube

3 min read
5 February 2024

1. You are free to choose the topic

When your blog has a lot of subscribers (for example, 200K), you can choose the topics that interest you and that have nothing to do with YouTube or the main topic of your channel. It is the reward you receive for gaining a big audience – once you have done that, you are free to choose any topics you like.

It can give you extra impetus: when you only cover a couple of topics, you understand that if you communicate with your audience correctly and build a group of your core subscribers who love you and follow what you do, they will be interested in your opinion on other issues, and you will go off the beaten track. Just bear in mind that it is the outlook for the future.

2. YouTube is a continuous improvement process

As a rule, nothing happens abruptly on YouTube. Sometimes the numbers might surge, but it only happens if you were constantly making improvements before – worked on the visual aspects, your approach, scenario, content, and changed the way you communicate with your audience. It is a slow process, and it is hard to go through it fast.

From an online marketing perspective, when different elements of the puzzle come together – your format, the way you deliver information, the visual aspects and the love of your audience – one video may go viral and the channel will become very popular. Small steps ensure success.

3. The income from the channel can be impressive

Monetization is important so that YouTube promotes your videos better. It turns out that payments from YouTube are not so bad. If you run a channel on YouTube, edit videos, create covers yourself, and don’t have any expenses, the income from YouTube can be quite pleasant. As your numbers grow, you can start earning decent money on YouTube views. To begin with, it can be a dollar, two dollars, five dollars, 10 dollars, and then it can reach up to 1,500 dollars per month.

4. It is hard to find likeminded people

If you don’t have people who share your interest in a certain topic, it can be quite difficult. You can take fate into your hands: create a chat for YouTubers and invite people who run interesting channels and have already shown good results. A lot of people look for this type of communication.

5. The success doesn’t come fast on YouTube

When you run a YouTube channel, it doesn’t immediately pay off: advertising people don’t approach you immediately, monetization doesn’t generate much income for a start. It is a long process, and you should be patient.

6. YouTube is a creative conveyor belt

YouTube is a conveyor belt, and you need to eliminate any obstacles on the way to making a video. For example, when you get down to producing a video, you need to set up your camera, arrange the light, your space, plan the background. If you do it every day, it can be emotionally draining. Here is a psychological trick: if you want to build a habit and do certain tasks more often, you should eliminate all the obstacles on your way.

If everything is already arranged, you just need to turn on the light and the camera. Then press the button and activate the microphone. It’s all set up! You can start recording – the process is much easier.

7. Community is the key to success

Community is the key to success on YouTube. Creating hype videos is amusing, but what else can you do? You need to communicate with people, answer the comments, and organize a community of people who share the same interests.