7 things a YouTuber should not do

4 min read
8 May 2020

1. Expect that improvisation will work

You cannot rely on improvisation, especially if you are new to YouTube. You should always plan everything well before recording a video and write a script every time. You should prepare everything in advance.

2. Make an intro just for the sake of making an intro

A high-quality intro to your video is a great thing for the channel. It is better to create an intro based on a problem, hot issue, or your own story. But do not do it just for the sake of doing it. If you have nothing to say in the intro, it is better to make a video without it at all.

3. Finish your video presentation with a phrase like “That’s All”

It is a bad idea to say phrases like “that’s all’ or “this is all for today” at the end of the video. If you do that, then upload your video on YouTube, and check the statistics after that. You will see that people stop watching the video and leave your channel right after this phrase. Make a short conclusion at the end of your video but do not say that you have no more content.

4. Create useless content

Do not publish your philosophical ideas instead of impressive content. High-quality content consists of figures, facts, statistics, links to different sources, personal experience. Until you become popular, your thoughts on different topics will not interest people. Create useful content, and people will watch it.

5. Create poor sound quality videos

The next mistake is to record videos without using a microphone. The most important thing on YouTube is the audio. It is more important than the picture. The nice picture accomplished with the bad sound is a fatal mistake – no one will watch your video. The combination of the good sound and the bad picture is different. If such a video shows interesting content, people will watch it. Also, don’t forget to check the recommended YouTube video size.

6. Record videos when you are in a bad mood

Another mistake is creating videos when you are in a bad mood, especially if you are not a professional YouTuber yet. If you are just a beginner, don’t record a video if you are gloomy or everything goes wrong. It is better to postpone it until another day. If you feel gloomy every day, then you should think of the reason and understand it first. Only after that, you can keep on working on your YouTube channel. But if you feel energetic today and slept well, then it is a great time to create a new video.

7. Not share your energy

In line with the mistake described in the preceding paragraph, there is one more thing you should not do. Don’t record videos when you do not feel energetic. To sell something, you should be way more energetic and emotional than usual. This is one of the sales rules. You should be fully involved in the process you are doing. The audience will appreciate it, it is true.

Bonus: 5 mistakes that you should avoid when recording a video

1. Pretending to be more serious than you are

When a person pretends to be more serious or professional than they really are, it often looks like you talk not your own way. Some people start being too formal when they talk in videos. They start using complicated phrases and the style of officials.

Don’t act like someone you are not. Use simple sentences and be yourself, even though it sounds too obvious.

2. Not looking at the camera

If you look somewhere else but not at the camera, the audience will always notice it. Try to get used to the camera. Imagine that your look “got stuck” to the lens.

3. Not looking at the camera

If you look somewhere else but not at the camera, the audience will always notice it. Try to get used to the camera. Imagine that your look “got stuck” to the lens.

4. Trying to create a perfect video

Don’t suffer because of the fact that your video is not ideal. And you must not stop yourself from publishing it or rerecord it because of imperfections. You should press the Rec button, start recording, finish the process, and press the Stop button. Nd that’s all. Let your first videos be imperfect. There is no ideal you should strive for. Don’t feel upset because of it. Don’t exhaust yourself because the video is not like the one you have visualized. You will not be able to make videos on YouTube for long have such an attitude about it.

5. Being afraid of haters

You should not do this because haters are an integral part of everything you do. You cannot affect it. They existed, they exist, and they will exist. When you are at the beginning, you will not face too much hate. Don’t think about it. Think of the ways to create high-quality content.