8 rules of mutual PR

4 min read
18 March 2021

Today we’ll talk about the right ways to get promoted on Instagram from scratch and do it for free. That is a crucial point because, on Instagram, you need to purchase promotions from bloggers. But there is a better way to get followers and a new audience for free.

This method is called mutual PR. What is it? It is the process of cooperating with another blogger or several bloggers and telling your audiences about each other in a video.

The core principles of mutual PR

1. Collaborating with accounts with similar reach

The first principle that works for mutual PR is that you need to find accounts with similar engagement rates. If about 1,000 people watch your stories and you want to run a mutual PR campaign with a person who has 5,000 people, then either you might know each other very well, or you can agree on a different number of stories, for example. Or one person can make a story, and another one can shoot a Story and publish a post to balance the difference in reaches.

Choose someone with a similar reach — it is around 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, or maybe 800 followers.

2. Collaborating with those you know personally to get started

We recommend you first doing a mutual PR campaign with those who you know. Then cooperate with those who you are following and who are following you. That means — with people you potentially have common interests with, especially if you are mutually following each other. And only after that, you can take a broader perspective by allocating this task to an assistant — if you have one — to search for accounts for you with which you could do a mutual PR campaign.

3. Explaining to bloggers why they need a mutual PR campaign

It can happen a person does not understand why they need mutual PR. Or maybe they do because they heard that such PR is highly beneficial. But they may have an idea that MPR is complicated and incomprehensible. And you have to explain that it is not a difficult thing to do. Tell the person why they should run such a campaign and convince them.

4. Broadcasting live videos

Invite other bloggers to join live broadcasts. That is how you get to know a person if you don’t know them yet, and if you do — then it is a way to strengthen the relationship. If you both already know each other and get on very well, it is always great to meet a friend with whom you may not have spoken for a long time. So from the point of view of networking, this is really cool.

When you stream the first live video and only then promote each other, you will understand the other person much better. And you will be more motivated to tell people about the other blogger in the way that makes your audience follows them.

5. Sharing summaries

You need to help the person prepare a story about you for a mutual PR campaign. Prepare a summary of five sentences about yourself and three sentences about your blog in advance. This way you make each other’s lives easier. Your partner gives you their summary, and, thus, it will be much easier to make a good promo video using it.

At the same time, the partner should not simply read the summary. Explain, if the person does not know about it, that it is always better to speak in your own words, and there is no need to read the text.

6. Not letting your mutual PR partner down

When you have agreed on cooperating, please do not let your partner down and do a live broadcast on the agreed date and make sure in advance that the connection is good, the lighting is proper, and no-one will bother you. And the same, if you agreed on a story at a specific time, do not let your partner down and do everything as agreed.

7. Analyze previous live broadcasts

When a mutual PR campaign is over, you need to analyze how it worked, see the number of clicks, story taps, and people that came to you. It’s always good to assess how actively followers reacted to the story and what can be improved. You can analyze together and help each other understand what needs improvement. And it will also be good for you and your partner.

8. Interacting actively with new followers

It is crucial when new followers start following you — do not fail to get active at this time. If a large number of followers start following you at once, make a good and interesting story on that day to make people feel immediately: “Oh, it’s interesting here.”

When running a mutual PR campaign professionally, you can choose an audience, do it for free and do it at any stage of your account development. When you have 1,000 followers, mutual PR will help you get more followers. When you have a million, you will work with big bloggers, run PR campaigns, and this will help exchange audiences.