8 tips for writing good texts on social networks

3 min read
26 October 2020

1. Use your visual perception

It is a curious technique. Every time you start writing, find an object to look at. It can be a wall, a piece of furniture, a book, or something else. Pay close attention to the texture, color, some peculiarities, and keep them in your mind.

This technique helps “wake up” your visual perception. And it influences the text you write seriously. Images become bright, and epithets get colorful. Your text will be full of visual images. And most importantly, when people read this text, their visual perception will also start working. As a result, they will also see those images.

2. Remove all unnecessary things

Now social networks are developing in such a way that it is no longer necessary to follow the character limit rules. If your text is catchy, people will read it anyway. But it does not mean that you can write unlimited texts because it is not all about limits. Every time you write a text, you may add excessive details, paragraphs, and phrases. Therefore, when you finish writing, you need to go through your work and remove all unnecessary things that do not affect the idea of the text.

3. Write texts yourself

Any text on your behalf should be created by you. It refers to mailing letters, articles for your blog, or anything else.

First, your readers deserve respect and should not be fooled.

Second, writing texts is all about the individual approach. When you read a text, you learn a lot about its author. You understand the author’s mood, values, personality, education, background, expertise, etc. And if a copywriter creates a text instead of you, people will always notice that. Your readers will not forgive you for that.

4. Write on topics you are interested in

Do not choose those topics you are not interested in. Because if you do, people will notice it. They will not enjoy reading such boring articles.

5. Set out your opinion

You should make a statement in your text.

Therefore, you should always express a specific opinion. You need to be sincere. If you do not have any particular point of view about the topic, then there is no reason to write an article about it.

6. Focus on your audience

The next tip: write for particular people. Who is your typical reader? It is a real person. Imagine that you are writing for a specific person who is your follower. It will make your text related to the audience. There is nothing more senseless than writing for everyone. It makes the impression that it is for everyone and for no one at the same time.

7. Write in a trenchant way

Do not be afraid to use powerful verbs. Try to hurt your reader. There are no negative connotations about the word “hurt” here. It does not mean that you should insult people, but should enter their minds. Try to show something to people and explain something to them. Do not be afraid to write trenchant texts. People always feel it.

8. “Write drunk, edit sober”

What does it mean? It means that you can try everything when you write something. Do experiments, be a badass, try something new, flirt with your audience. It is great when you write a little bit out of your mind. But then you need to sit down and check your text with a clear mind. Remove unnecessary parts, edit it, or even, on the contrary, add something more impressive. But it should be your rational decisions.