9 secret tips to start selling on Instagram

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24 March 2022

One of the problems that many bloggers face on Instagram is that they can’t monetize their audience. In this article, we are going to talk about selling on Instagram.

1. Engage emotions to sell

It is an efficient method that works for all audiences. However, it is particularly effective if you have a young audience. People like any content more if you show your and your clients’ emotions instead of sharing dull and bland information.

2. Proof of financial success

If you sell online courses, you can show your mobile banking app screenshots to prove that your product is successful. Any other screenshots that perform that same function can also work well.

3. Motivation and inspiration

These two triggers do magic on Instagram. If you add inspiring and motivating information to your posts, your audience will notice it and become very receptive — and your sales will increase.

4. Psychological triggers

Use the following psychological triggers:

1. Possession

Show what your audience would like to have. It does not necessarily mean material things — it can be trips and experiences.

2. Wish to be a part of a group and something bigger

If you talk about a community that supports its members, people will want to become a part of that community.

3. Reciprocity Principle

It is a common trigger. If you do something to your audience like content or give out things for free, people become grateful and will want to pay off or donate something at some point. In content marketing, it is called the principle of reciprocity.

4. Curiosity

When your audience follows you, they want to know what happens next. It creates an effect of a TV series.

5. Common enemy

It works well when you and your audience decide who your mutual enemy is. It does not necessarily have to be a person or can be an event or a system that does not work well, for example.

5. ‘Harsh expert’

The harsh expert technique works when your audience sees you as an expert, and you can be very direct with them, but it will not deter your audience from you. Instead, it will have a positive effect, especially on sales.

6. ‘Unapproachable expert’

The ‘unapproachable expert’ is a communication method when you have more expert knowledge than your audience and behave respectively, intentionally building a distance between you and your audience. It can be beneficial for your sales and status.

7. Actualizing your problem

It is a sales method when you do not immediately disclose what you sell, but you warm up the audience first and run polls. You conceptualize a problem first and only after you start a selling campaign.

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8. Trust

When it comes to sales, remember that trust plays a huge role these days. Trust appears when you show your real life on Instagram in Stories and posts. You tell your audience about your fears and doubts.

There is a specific formula for creating a selling or announcing video on Instagram that has three stages: hook, bridge, close.

A hook is when you attract people’s attention with something engaging. You can say an emotional phrase first that will work as a hook to make a person watch further. After that, you create a bridge which is a transition.

For example, you have used the teasing phrase ‘bloggers cannot sell’ that grabs user attention immediately. After that, you create a bridge by saying that you have watched hundreds of interviews that made you come to this conclusion. As a next step, you use a closing technique. ‘You can buy our blankets cheaper right now because they are on sale’ is an example of a close. Another example can be ‘You can now join our project as an investor. We will be discussing the details at a meeting soon.’ This formula is pretty straightforward.

9. Communication style that sells

Using sales language is not efficient. The simpler you speak — the better. It is relevant to writing posts, making Stories, or closing sales — use the everyday language that you would use in a conversation with your friends — and it will lead to more sales.