Checklist: How to get prepared for a blog shooting

3 min read
16 June 2021

1. Determine the strategy and purpose of your account

If you only begin to develop your Instagram account as an expert, here is the first thing you should do. If you’ve been blogging for a long time, you just need to create a rough content plan for the near future.

It is a crucial step because this will help you to be more productive while shooting.

2. Prepare references

You can prepare photo samples for your blog or hire a photographer to do it for you.

References are ideas for the shooting. Using them is much easier to understand and explain to the photographer what you want to get from the shooting, what location to choose, and what positions to use. It is a cheat sheet for both the client and the photographer.

3. Choose locations wisely

You can choose a town location or a studio. There are different studios like a residential building, an office, a palace. Choose venues depending on what your blog is about. It can be minimalistic or cozy.

If you are a photographer, be sure to prepare and share examples of locations with your clients.

4. Choose clothes, accessories, and check all details before shooting

Choose clothes and accessories and check all details before shooting.

To make interesting content, you need to change clothes many times. Unfortunately, it is rather challenging to do this in the street because you need to find cafe toilets or do it in the car. The second option is convenient if you have a car. But if not, try your best to find a variety of clothing options to allow yourself to change the look you will not need to undress completely.

Pay special attention to the clothes preparation, because the quality of your future content will depend on it.

5. Prepare for the shooting

Do not do any makeup or beauty treatments a few days before the shooting. Do not cut your hair, do not color it, do not go to the beauty master, because the result of these procedures may not always be the same as you expected, and, accordingly, the shooting will have to be canceled because of this.

For men, of course, a fresh haircut is important. But do it at least a week before so that if you don’t like it, you can cancel the shooting in advance.

For women, getting a new haircut before the shooting is not the best idea because it may be either too short or simply not the same way as you wanted to.

6. Don’t forget to take everything you need

On the shooting day, you need to pack a suitcase or bags to conveniently put and carry things in. Besides, except for the clothes, accessories, and other stuff you will use during the shooting, you need to take a cosmetics bag that will help you straighten your hair or fix your makeup.

Don’t forget that you need to choose the underwear that fits your clothes and put on relevant shoes.

7. Don’t be late

It is important! Only if you have an outdoor shooting, and the photographer doesn’t have any clients after you, then it’s not a big problem if you are late.

If you are late for a studio shooting, the studio will most likely be busy after you. Therefore, do not steal your chance and come for the shooting on time.