Do you need to use hashtags to promote on Instagram?

2 min read
12 May 2021

Hashtags used to be one of the main promotion methods on Instagram and TikTok; they remain one of the best promotion instruments. However, for some reason, their importance has declined significantly. The reason might be high log-in activity on Instagram so that the importance of organic growth tools is reducing. Let’s talk about the reasons for and the ways of using hashtags nowadays.

The main functions of hashtags on Instagram are as follows

  1. Additional free target reach. By adding hashtags to your posts, you can get a minor boost in reach. Although it depends on many factors, the average 2-8% of the total reach can be received additionally using hashtags.
  2. Indexes on Instagram. Using a hashtag, you can show Instagram what is the main topic of your post. As a result, this allows Instagram to recommend your post directly to the users interested in it, not only among your followers but also among the top recommendations.
  3. Particular niche finding. Use the most common niche hashtags to grow within a particular topic.

To sum it up, these are three main functions of using hashtags: additional coverage, topic indexes, access to specific niches.

There is a common belief that hashtags are now completely useless or even harmful to your account. But this is not true. They are not harmful if you follow some simple rules.

Rules for using hashtags on Instagram

  1. Do not abuse hashtags. There shouldn’t be as many of them as people used to add before. Do not add dozens of hashtags. The maximum number is ten.
  2. Don’t use common and popular hashtags. They’re not very effective. There are no sanctions for using them, but you should not expect to receive any extra audience. You’d better use narrow hashtags. Special apps allow you to select hashtags by niche. When you enter a keyword, the app will show you available hashtags — so you can choose the best ones.
  3. You can’t duplicate hashtags. That does not mean that you can only use new ones. Of course, you can repeat them an unlimited number of times. But you can’t always publish the same list of hashtags saved in your notes and use them everywhere. Hashtags should fit a specific post: these are the guidelines announced by Instagram.