Facebook against sex

3 min read
3 January 2019

Today on our blog we have some very important information to share, which will make some of you feel sad.

Our beloved Facebook has cracked down on sexual harassment and renewed the related section of its Policy. Now you can discuss all issues related to sexual harassment and violation but you cannot post anything which may spur to sexual relations.

We recommend you to refresh your knowledge in this respect not to make your page banned. From now you cannot post:

  • General statements containing sexual implications, e.g.: “I’d have some fun with a girl tonight”.
  • Sexually provocative slang (no explanations or clarifications here, and it means that you had better avoid this topic at all).
  • Hints containing sexual implications (e.g., mentions of sex game roles, sex positions or fetishistic scenarios).
  • Content (including hand-drawn images as well as digital or physical objects) which may obviously illustrate a sex act or people in sex positions).
  • Offers or requests to take part in some activity of a sexual nature (e.g., porn or search for a sexual partner who shares your interests in fetishism).
  • Expressions of a sexual nature beyond common mentions of the sexual arousal or a sex act.
  • Striptease shows, erotic dances, erotic or tantric massage videos.
  • Content representing obvious sexual harassment (including request, search for/offer to have sexual relations), sex partners, correspondence containing sexual implications, images of naked body.
  • And forget about sex-related parts of body, e.g., breasts, groin and buttocks.

You can find the full list of restrictions here: https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards/sexual_solicitation

You may think that it is nothing to worry about and the network will even get benefits from it getting rid of all “dirt”, but it is quite a misleading impression. In this connection it is expected that the following groups of users will quit Facebook:

  • Obstetricians;
  • Gynecologists;
  • Sexologists;
  • Sex bloggers;
  • Surgeons specializing in intimate plastic surgeries;
  • Doulas (pregnancy and childbirth female assistants);
  • Dancers;
  • Yoni and lingam massage specialists;
  • Artists specializing in erotic art.

And very many others. Together with them, the majority of educational content may also become unavailable. Thus, it concerns us all. And most likely at first, everybody without distinction will be punished, because the algorithms for searching such the content are not developed enough according to the new rules yet.

Many posts appeared on Facebook, which were mocking the innovation and comparing the network with the USSR society where “there was no sex” as everybody remembers. Joke lovers suggest we should reread erotic novels of old days and use euphemisms from them (we are expecting the sales increase of “Emmanuelle”).

The rest are looking for loopholes in the new rules. For example, here is a genius way out: you can write a post via the mobile. Do not press “Publish” but make a screenshot and publish it. The same can be applied to notes. Write a note, make a screenshot, and post as a picture in which the text still can be easily read. This way you will be able to share “forbidden” points of view and to avoid blocking (unless someone complains), because the algorithms cannot recognize text in images so far.

To be short, it is possible to adapt but many users will want to move to some other more tolerant network (by the way, not to Instagram, because all this information also relates to it).