Facebook Event Photo Size: Best Practices & Tips in 2024

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22 February 2024

Facebook Events is one of the old products of the social media giant. Launched in 2005, events have become a great addition to Facebook since that time. They can help you find fun activities, and for event planners, they are the perfect solution to support your marketing strategy and reach more people quickly.

Facebook Event Photo Size

It is very easy to get confused in all the intricacies of uploading the social media image sizes. For all social networks, you need to take images separately or you need to resize the same photo many times in different ways, according to the rules of a particular social network. To help you, we have made a list of Facebook image sizes that are relevant in 2024.

Let’s have a look at all the key points that might be important when picking a profile photo, uploading it and filling in other information that will help you gain more audience and attention to your event.

Key takeaways

  • Facebook event cover photos should be 1920x1005 px. It is a perfect size for the news feed on desktops, smartphones, and ads in the right column.
  • Choose photos that relate to the event. The pictures must attract attention, deliver crucial ideas, and make users want to share them. Avoid too much text.
  • Arouse the interest of your audience. Ask questions to provoke discussion. Provide enough details to set your audience’s expectations and not overwhelm your followers. Do not publish information too often, and it must not be vague. Your readers must understand what to expect from the event.

What Is the Use of Facebook Event Photos?

Since about 35 million people view public events on Facebook every day, Facebook Events is a good way to inform your target audience about your business activities and have more people come.

They can include:

  • Brand launch
  • Exclusive sales
  • Workshops
  • Fundraisers
  • Award ceremonies
  • Guest speeches
  • Book signing
  • Pop-up Stores

Events like this are a sure way to connect with your local community, so if you have one of the mentioned above, or other ones, it is a good way to start.

An event image works like an advertisement. As with any ad, the image you choose is critical to grab attention, convey key details of your event, create buzz, and encourage viewers to share your post with friends.

Facebook Event Cover Photo Size Guidelines

The official Facebook event photo size for 2024 is 1920x1005 pixels with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Earlier it was 1920x1080, but not so long ago it has changed. And while these specifications have been confirmed, there are a few details you should be aware of.

For example, Facebook event photo sizes must be unique when used across different Facebook areas. When you are promoting your event using paid media, it will be necessary for you to create images for the ad that will appear on different devices without any transformations and bugs.

Facebook Event Cover Photo Size Guidelines

Here’s a look at what these dimensions should be for the available ad options on desktop and mobile devices:

  • Facebook event cover photo size: 1920x1005 pixels
  • Desktop news feed screen size: 470x174 pixels
  • Mobile news feed display: 560x208 pixels
  • Display in right column: 254x133 pixels

Design your photos with these dimensions to avoid blurry or cropped banners.

When you create an event, you need to provide a copy containing the event details. Here’s a breakdown of the three display formats and the number of characters you can see:

  • Desktop news feeds display 500 characters
  • Mobile news feeds display 110 characters.
  • The ads section displays 90 characters in the right column.

It’s also worth noting that Facebook changes your images a bit. Large images are usually cropped at the top, bottom, left and right. It may seem a little daunting at first, but with a little practice in the design, you can easily create Facebook event banner photos that are sized for the optimal viewing pleasure.

There are also different applications and extensions that can resize your picture by Fb sizes automatically, so you should not think of it and crop it manually.

When it comes to saving your design, it is better to save photos in PNG format, because it is the only one that provides you the highest quality possible. Please check the dimensions before uploading the event banner, as once the banner has been added, it cannot be changed.

Note that the Facebook profile cover size differs from the Facebook event cover and the Facebook group cover size.

  • Facebook profile cover size: 820 х 312 px;
  • Facebook group cover size: 1640 х 856 px (aspect ratio — 1,91:1);
  • Facebook event cover size: 1920 x 1005 px (aspect ratio — 1,91:1); the minimum image size is 1200 x 628 px.

The recommended video cover is 30 seconds; the maximum size is 5 minutes. To make people watch the video to the end, try to create not a very long cover — 1 minute is enough.

Do not fail to take that into account when creating covers to make a Facebook profile photo, page, or event and Facebook business page look attractive to the audience.

Where Your Facebook Event Image Appears

As we already mentioned before, Facebook has made some changes to event photography settings over the past few years. The Facebook event cover photo now has three different locations, and the recommended event photo size of 1920x1005 will scale for all three.

Where Your Facebook Event Image Appears
  • The first one is Upcoming Events: displayed as a thumbnail, a user can see the Facebook event banner photo in your upcoming meetings. This means that the user needs to select an image that will stand out in both thumbnail and full size.
  • The second one is the Event Page: this is the main resource for details, comments and updates, where everybody can comment or write their questions about the meeting.
  • The third one is the News Feed: the images of events in your news feed are displayed at nearly the same dimensions as on the actual Facebook event page.

Facebook event photo design tips

The image you choose can really influence people who decide to attend the meeting. First of all, the purpose matters, but if you don’t think about your image (by all means), it may appear spammy or unprofessional. You can follow these tips to pick the best photo from your Facebook event:

Create relevant, catchy cover photos

When you think about taking or picking a photo for the meeting, make your look stand out. In the time of 2024 year, everything must be clear and simple: people remember images better than text. Even the topic of the meeting firstly is not obviously relevant for a user, if the image is unique and original — it is more possible that a user will come.

Create relevant, catchy cover photos
source — designshack.net

It is very important to focus on visual storytelling instead of tons of text in the background, because nowadays people catch it better without it.

Add event details

When you come to an event profile and read about what is going to happen there, it is important for you to know where exactly it will be, which time, some details about dress code and other things. If you as an owner of the page don’t set particular details for your potential guests, the information can be too blurry and the target audience will not be reached, so no one will come.

Add event details

Don’t use too much text

too much text in description

If you are hosting an event and planning to send out Facebook invitations, make sure your image and description are relevant to the occasion and engage your target audience. Plenty of text can be too ‘noisy’ and messy, so your guests will never understand what your event will be about. Be assembled and consistent.

succinct yet capacious
source — ‘creative blog’t

Add Branding Elements

It is also good to use repeating elements such as a logo or a consistent visual style to increase brand awareness as it appears in user feeds.

Add Branding Elements
source — graphicriver.net

The more people know your brand, the more they are loyal to your product, to your project or any event you offer to attend.

Choose the perfect name for your event

‘How you name it, the same way it goes’, they say. Analyze all the potential names of events that can suit your brand best and past events, and go with the name that will show ‘the personality’ of your brand and idea that you show to the world.

Choose the perfect name for your event
source — fotor

When creating a name, it is good to talk it over with other people from your company and ask what they think of this name, because sometimes you think the idea is great, but in reality there is something better.

The name should be catchy, understandable and fully reflect what is going to happen there at the meeting. Something, what can be associated with your brand and the event.

How to Create a Facebook Event and Add Your Banner

Let’s take a look at how you can set a Facebook event banner photo and fill in other info about the event.

Creating an event

First of all, you click the blue button at the right upper corner of the screen ‘Create an event’ and it leads you to the next slide.

Creating an event

Choosing the kind of the event

What kind do you want to choose? You can go two ways: an online one made up as a video chat ‘with Messenger Rooms, broadcast with Facebook Live or add an external link’, or an offline one, ‘in Person’. In this case you meet in a real location with real people.

Choosing the kind of the event

Filling in the details of the event

The details here include the name, the date, the start time (and the end time), noting if it is a recurring event or not, picking the kind (public or private) and also you can preview your event there.

Filling in the details of the event

Attaching additional events

There you go, noting the admission link for guests and choosing a cover photo (the main banner, the sizes of which we are currently talking about in the post) and event settings.

Attaching additional events

Adding event settings

When you click this button, you mention co-hosts there and some options like ‘showing guest list (or not)’, who can post on the Facebook page, if there is a need for approval from a host or not, if you want to let people ask questions over Messenger or not.

Adding event settings

Best Practices When Creating a Facebook Event

There are several tips which can help you to launch amazing events on Fb and have the best out of them.

Build Credibility for Your Event

To build enough trust and have your guests interested in what the speaker (or speakers) will be hosting the event, you must write about the speaker to highlight his experience, knowledge and other positive qualities.

It is essential, because speakers are the main people who attendees will look at and listen to, so pay enough attention to explaining thoroughly who they are, what they are about, their image and so on.

Keep the speaker profile short so that readers don’t have to go through a lot of text to learn about them, and at the same time the story must be clear, bright and distinctive in a good way.

Create Discussion

Let your guests feel free to discuss, ask any questions they want, and be absolutely open about it. You can create a discussion by asking your potential guests a question. This will engage into a conversation and get more attention to the meeting.

Set Expectations for Your Event

Let the people know what they can expect and what they should prepare in advance.

It would be a great idea to post a basic description of what people can expect from the event. Whether it is food or drink, it is right to tell them about the main itinerary or give them information that people can see some value in their time if they choose to attend.

Be sure to let the participants know what they can expect from the meeting and what prices they should expect so they can come prepared.

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Facebook Events

Although we have covered a lot in this post it is also good to understand what exactly is not recommended to do when hosting a Facebook event. Let’s take a look.

Posting Too Many Times

This can be the same volume of a bad idea as 1 post for the whole time of promoting and running the event. One post means you don’t care about people who will come, you just do it for the attention; loads of Facebook posts mean you care too much and it will never work better.

If you run the ‘event campaign’ yourself, you must think like your future attendees. Would you like to have pop-ups every hour for a week before the meeting? Not sure. Be logical, don’t get on your people’s nerves.

If you need to do some posting, but there are also different things to do, there are some schedule posting applications like Onlypult and other SMM schedulers, which can help you do the work for you.

Being Too Vague

Nothing is more discouraging, when you read about an event around 3 big articles and you still have no idea what the event is going to be about. Be focused on the main things. Make a list, if it is more comfortable for you to be consistent.

According to statistics, people love emotional brevity. It means, they like to read extremely simple lists (‘5 facts’, ‘10 reasons’, but at the same time it is important for them to feel it is written by a real person, so the text should have jokes, emojis or other small personal details)

Lack of Engagement and Interaction

The right decision is to have them engaged into a conversation by creating a discussion or asking them some questions that might be really interesting for them to talk about.

Using the Wrong Cover Photo

The cover photo is one of the most important things. Glitchy or minimalistic, Serious or funny — no matter unless you stop avoiding the significance of your brand image and technical issues. Brand image must suit the meeting picture to let people associate one to another; the technical side is about creating a technically simple and catchy event banner.


The article explains that choosing the right picture and resizing it to the right format is important, but also there are a lot of other things that everybody hosting a meeting on Fb has to know about such as how to create an event on Facebook in 2024, and how you can make your event more visible and recognizable.


The Facebook event photo size must be 1920x1005 pixels.

You click the settings and change any information you need, and the banner picture as well.

You can do it in online photoshops, or do it manually by downloading it on Fb directly.

Sure, you can edit everything on the page on the desktop version. Although, you can not edit anything in the mobile version of Facebook.