Facebook Lifehacks for newbies

3 min read
24 April 2019

9 simple ways which will make your virtual life much better.

  1. Let’s play spies. Hide your online status — it is very convenient. Now nobody will ever blame you for not replying when you are online.

Do like this: open Settings in Messenger (top left corner) drag the slider to the left. That’s all. Now you are invisible. Don’t thank us.


  1. An invaluable feature for introverts. Enable the Nearby Friends feature in Settings not to come across someone occasionally.


  1. Hide your new post from some of your friends. Stop not posting interesting stories just because someone may not like them. Do like this: before posting, press Public, then press “Friends except…” and choose those you want to exclude.

Now you can write about a party you have had without being nervous about a call from your upset parents.


  1. Get rid of online “rubbish”. Set your news feed in the way you can see only the most interesting posts of your friends and favorite communities.

Do as follows: go to Settings, then choose News Feed preferences and prioritize the news you see.


  1. Unfollow without unfriending. It is very convenient if a person is very nice, but you suddenly realize that your news feed is flooded with their cat’s pictures.

Find a post of that person and press the Unfollow line. Sometime later you can do like it was before.


  1. If you know that someone you dislike has sent you a private message, ignore this message in a smart way.

Go to Messenger, press the blue circle in the top right corner, press the Gear symbol and select Ignore Messages. So, you will not receive notifications anymore, and they all will be kept as chat requests forever.


  1. Stop videos from playing automatically. You will feel more comfortable this way, without something always pacing in front of your eyes, and your brain will get rest. At the same time, you can save money on mobile traffic.

It is very simple: go to Account Settings, then select Videos, then — Auto-play videos, and finally select the option you need.


  1. Do you often not have enough time and feel too tired to read an interesting article or watch your favorite blogger’s video? There is a way out.

Save those posts to View Later to read them later. To save a post, press the Arrow symbol in the top right corner. The main thing is to check this section from time to time not to make it a virtual “cemetery”.


  1. Try to post an extremely sincere statement or publish your poems and disable comments. Or, for example, you can post a picture of yourself wearing a new hairdo and also keep it uncommented. To be short, enjoy the world without other people’s opinions and advice. Why not?