How do you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube

5 min read
20 February 2020

YouTube is the only platform that provides free traffic. Instagram won’t be doing that. But YouTube, if you understand its algorithms and manage to figure out what content you need to make, will recommend you and will provide you with free traffic. If you activate monetization, even without direct advertising integrations, YouTube will still generate income.

Let’s start with the fact that you don’t have to invest in advertising on YouTube. Many channels do that and only grow organically. Why? Your task is to make YouTube favorable to you.

But you need to know how YouTube works.

How do you start making videos for YouTube

  • Choose 5 topics you are good at.
  • Install the vidlQ plug-in. It is a plug-in that is used by 99% professional YouTubers. You can set key inquiries via vidlQ.
  • Choose the topic you are good at. Find videos devoted to this topic on YouTube and analyze what is the most popular key search request for this topic.

Say, you are good at cars, for example, at sport models. Via vidlQ you analyze for what requests many videos have already been made that have much traffic.

For example, you have found a subsearch “How to make a sport car yourself”. You make two videos for this subsearch. In total, you are going to have five topics like this and there will be 2 videos for every topic.

Why should there be two videos for each topic?

The reason is that some videos work better than others. One video can go viral and will get several thousand views and the other will have three thousand. It is fine, that is why you need to experiment and your task now is to make ten videos, two for each topic so that one, two or three videos go viral. Likely that all 100 videos won’t be a success, but a couple of videos will stand a good chance.

An example can be “Freelancer’s diary”. Its creator Elena posted approximately 10 videos and then forgot about it. She opened YouTube only half a year later to find out that some of the videos have been viewed several tens of thousands of times. She started the channel from scratch and it wasn’t promoted anyhow. But the magic of YouTube is that at a correct optimization and the right choice of topic YouTube will give you free views.

Content creation for YouTube


  • Study articles posted in the editions that you trust. For example, research from Forbes. Watch videos on YouTube on this topic and analyze them.
  • Be guided by experience — filter everything you create through a prism of your experience.
  • Use statistics, analytics, and examples. Analyze weak aspects of your videos and try to improve them.
At the very beginning, it can take you around two hours to make a 10-minute video, and it is ok.
  • Make a list of all the keywords and requests via vidlQ to understand what subsearches you need to use. In the beginning, it can take up to 30 minutes.
  • Prepare your equipment. You need to set up lighting, your camera and get yourself ready.
The recording process of a 10-15-minute video can take up to 40 minutes. If you do it for the first time — up to 60 minutes.


Not to waste much time on editing, you can hire a freelance editor. Provide him with a clear technical task so that he implements your ideas in the video.

Make sure to film videos not shorter than 10 minutes. There are two-, three-, five-minute-long videos, but YouTube likes long videos, they are more likely to be recommended.

Choosing the cover

Thus, you have recorded and edited your first video. After that, you activate vidlQ again. The plag-in will be giving you recommendations for optimization (for example, what should you write in the name), and for the key search request. You need to decide on the name and the cover of your video. The name and the tags – keywords – you take from vidlQ.

The cover is the first thing that people see when they come across your video on YouTube.

You need to achieve a minimum conversion of 5% on your cover. For example, 100 people were shown the preview of your video, five of them clicked on it. Obviously, 10-15 is better, but not less than 5%.

Choose the best videos in your field and take notice of how their covers are made, what colors are used, what colors work better (for example, red ones), how they are made, and what is depicted on the covers.

Lifehack: when you record a video, add a picture of you recording that video. You can just pose and make a move that corresponds to your video.

For example, your video is “how to make money online”. You take a stack of cash, strike a pose, and then this shoot will be used as your preview picture.


Finally, the cover is done and you upload the video. At this stage, it is not important on what days and at what time you do it. Monday or Thursday, during the working hours or in the evening – so far it is not important.

  • Check YouTube analytics and track how many views your videos get.
  • Compare all the key parameters with the second, third and fourth videos of the first ten that you are making.

You will need to make an effort and spend some time. But by using the above-mentioned scheme you can easily get 1000 subscribers on YouTube after you will have posted your first 10 videos.