12 ways of how Instagram helps you develop yourself

3 min read
14 June 2021

1. You can become an expert

You can study a new topic and become an expert by developing your Instagram page. Moreover, you might not even notice how you learn more, get deeper into the subject, and come up with new content.

2. You will be able to understand yourself better

It happens when you start listening to yourself: what you like, what other people prefer, and what fascinates them. It’s similar to introspection. Developing your Instagram account is almost like a therapy session. You can understand yourself better.

3. You will improve your writing skills

Instagram is not only about pretty pictures. Now Instagram is also about sharing your thoughts —so you should write a lot. You can upgrade your writing skills by posting to your account.

4. You will learn how to communicate with your audience

On Instagram, you get feedback from the audience and become socially adequate. It is helpful because we often do not understand how to communicate with people who are not familiar with the subject. You have more experience and stop being afraid of expressing your opinion because, at some point, you start attracting haters’ attention. Of course, if you do everything right and efficiently, you will have fewer haters. Instagram teaches you not to be afraid of sharing your thoughts sincerely.

5. You will improve your speaking skills

You will learn how to speak publicly by making stories. Instagram teaches you how to do it quickly. During live broadcasts, you will learn how to work with your audience. For the first time, you may feel uncomfortable when you go live. You will feel nervous about what to tell people, how to communicate with them, and how to answer their questions. But after doing a few live broadcasts, you will improve this skill.

6. You will develop your taste

When you look at other attractive accounts, you try to create something aesthetic on your page. For example, you try to edit photos better and take them in the right way. You will develop a sense of beauty.

7. You will develop networking

You will learn networking by negotiating mutual PR, collaborations, or some joint projects. Especially, if you deal with a bigger blogger, you pump up your networking skills.

8. You will learn how to edit photos and videos

When you create stories, you master video editing with your phone. Then you can delegate this to specialists. But you will improve this skill too.

9. You will begin to understand what digital marketing is

Understanding digital marketing is a very beneficial skill. No matter what platform you develop your account on, digital marketing, internet marketing, and online promotion are now one of the most helpful skills.

10. You will build a personal brand

In addition, you will create your brand, learn to promote yourself. Promoting people, public figures, and personal brands will be in high demand in the future. Moreover, by promoting yourself, you will learn how to do it for other people.

11. You will build a community of like-minded people

You can create an environment of like-minded people — your community. Your audience and your followers are the those who will bring you money, success, and new projects in the future. The audience is the most valuable thing now.

12. You will be able to launch your business

And one more point: you can create your own business. Many bloggers come to it after some time. It becomes the next logical step. If you have never even thought of starting your own business, then by developing an Instagram account, at some point, you will realize you are ready.