How to come up with a good name for a YouTube channel

2 min read
14 September 2020

The name is not that important

In fact, the name of the channel is not that important. The main thing is the content and compliance with YouTube video size. Moreover, you can change the name 3 times within 90 days, so if your first name is a mistake, you can easily change it after.

A channel named after you

A very applicable method: you don’t invent a name for your channel, you just give it your name.

If you potentially want to enter an international or foreign market, you should take your name and adjust it to make it sound more international.

A simple name

If you are going for a word or a word combination instead of a personal name when choosing the name for your channel, make sure that it is easy to pronounce and remember, avoid complicated names. Allocate some time and think of a resonant name so that people can easily remember and share it with their friends.

A name that indicates the topic of your channel

Your name can be the following: your name plus the topic of your channel. For example, your business is real estate investments.

The name of the channel will be: “Richard - real estate investments.” That is how you show what the channel is about.

When you write comments, and the channel becomes popular, the part of your audience can click and view your channel.

Don’t ask for mutual subscriptions and don’t invite to visit your channel, just share a story in the comments section.

Things to avoid

Remember that you can’t use the names of famous brands. Basically, you can do that, and no one will care when you have 15 followers. But when you have several thousand followers, brands can see it and “throw a strike” by accusing your channel of breaching copyright. YouTube won’t carry an investigation, and your account will be automatically blocked.