How to configure a YouTube video: name, cover, tags, hints, outros

4 min read
13 October 2021

How to choose a name for your video

The name is a part of optimizing a video. YouTube algorithms assess your video according to your description and content. They analyze everything that happens and understand whom to recommend your video and who will like it. That’s why it’s better to enter as relevant company names for search requests as possible.

It is necessary to arouse interest in people. But you need to use search requests to get more clicks on that names. For example, the requests like «Top tips on…» or «Don’t do like this» are the most commonly used.

The name should start with something to draw attention because they get reduced in the mobile version. They will contain approximately 70 characters – the optimum number.

YouTube absolutely doesn’t care about the size of the name letters. It is necessary for drawing attention and standing out of various names also found on that request.

In the name, you can also use emojis. But it is crucial to insert spaces between a word and an emoji – the merged spelling is considered one word.

Emojis attract attention. But you need to bear in mind that IOS и Android show emojis differently. It can so happen that the emoji looks good only on one of those operating systems.

Video length

YouTube likes long videos because it can place many ads. Videos must be no less than 8 minutes. It makes no sense to upload short videos to YouTube. The format you choose for your video plays an essential part in its length. For example, if it is the “talking head” format, it is hard to watch such a video for half an hour. The video needs interims, other format clips, and music. If it is an interview, people should be very interested in the interviewed person to watch a long video. If we talk about a traditional video, 10–15 minutes is enough.

Time codes

It is better to indicate time codes for long videos — it is very convenient. The time code is displayed in search results as well as the name. It means that a person clicks on the video and starts watching it from the point that contains the information he was looking for.

What the video cover should contain

The cover is a video preview. The YouTube cover must contain large text, and you need to place it to make it readable on a mobile device. Bright colors, such as red, yellow, and orange, are vital for attracting.

A smiling image on the cover works well to add more emotions to your it.

It is excellent if you mention some limits on the cover, like “Top 10”, “Monthly earnings”, «In 3 days », or “Weekly Telegram earnings.”


Use Google trends to search for relevant tags.

There is also the vidIQ service. Even the free version contains everything you need. vidIQ works well for analyzing the results of using a tag.

It shows your position in YouTube search results. If you indicate tags, the video is shown in YouTube search results after it is published. And vidIQ collects such information and shows your position. According to that data, you can change the tags to increase views.

Besides, there is Serpstat. It has several options, e.g., keyword search and similar phrase search. You choose key phrases and a topic — and the service shows you the list of the same or similar phrases according to your request.

Keyword Tool works exactly the same.

It is crucial to put less frequent tags first which relate to the video. And widely used tags need to come after them.

Do not forget to indicate your channel tags at the end. If you have a personal brand, provide your name, channel name, and other information you always use.


The best option is hinting according to your video topic. If the audience does not like it very much, people will not pay attention to the hints. It is better to insert them in different fragments throughout the video. If you have five options to add five hints to your video, do it.


Outros attracts attention very well if made as texts and put at the end of the video. For example, you write “The most popular video of the channel” — the topic is not important, just mention that the video is the most important one. And people will want to watch it.

If you have many topics, put a playlist at the end of the video. Also, add there an invitation to subscribe to your channel. Such an invitation works well if accomplished with funny things. For example, you ask to subscribe — and a subscription icon appears.