How to create a community and retain your customers

3 min read
29 May 2020

Step 1: Decide on the mission of your community

Every community should have a mission, and it should be important both for the members of the community and for you and your team.

For instance, we want as many people as possible to build strong personal brands that will allow them to generate additional income. Or, we want as many people as possible to make their communication efficient, meet new people, and develop networking skills that will help them in their career, business, and personal life.

If you remind the members about your mission from time to time, you will be shaping your mutual vision. In a community, it is extremely important that you and the people around you move together in the same direction.

Step 2: support horizontal communication between members

Horizontal communication between members of the community includes not only communication between you and other members but also interaction between other members. A real community starts when horizontal communication appears, and people start interacting with each other, make friends, and work on mutual projects.

Step 3: establish the rules of the community

You should decide on the rules that will govern your community. After you develop these rules, you should not only keep them in mind but also set out and document them.

Step 4: map the way for the members of your community

You should show a clear way of guiding a person through your program, or the way you will by developing together within your community. It doesn’t matter what you do or what product you have, it only matters what your way is.

Step 5: create a supportive atmosphere

A supportive atmosphere is very important in any community. The members should be friendly to each other and support each other.

The bigger your community is, the more difficult it is to control it. But you show how you support the members through the mission and rules, your community becomes more tight-knit.

Step 6: build community values

Community values should stem from your own ones. Any business or project which you will run, let alone building a community of people, reflects your values, virtues, and shortcomings.

Step 7: motivate the members

Another key point you should work on is the motivation of your members. This matters not only in the beginning when a person has recently joined the community and is inspired enough. You should also stimulate further interaction with you. You should motivate community members from time to time. For example, you can run a challenge. It will engage people and stimulate activity within your community.

Step 8: use different forms of interaction

Make sure to use different forms of interaction: in-person meetings, masterminds, etc. If you do, it will strengthen relationships, including horizontal communication, and loyalty towards you and your community.

Step 9: use the ninja technique

Use the ninja technique. The technique comprises bonuses for older members and works just like airline loyalty schemes. You can use the same approach for your community.

Step 10: add a patina of unavailability

Your community shouldn’t be for everyone. The members should have a feel they are unique, then the value of your society will increase.