How to create interesting stories on Instagram

3 min read
17 July 2020

Add the link to your stories

When you get 10 000 followers, you get access to the option of adding Swipe-up website links. So, you can promote your products or advertise your projects. But what to do if you haven’t reached the number of 10 000 followers yet?

Create a story and also add a chat. Then, send a message, e.g., “Learn more about my Telegram channel” and add a link.

Add music to your stories

How to add your favorite music to stories:

  • Turn on the music on your player;
  • Open Stories;
  • Press the Record button;
  • Use your main camera to capture videos of quality.

Interact with your followers

Let your followers decide for you what to do today (or at least let them think so). Create polls on Stories, ask people’s opinions. You involve people in your life, and the audience starts actively reacting to your stories.

Do not forget about clip-thinking

People like when pictures and angles change quickly. You can use it and switch between different objects in one story, zoom in, zoom out, shoot at different angles.

You can also switch the camera between different objects, e.g. first set focus on yourself, then — on other things, move from lighter area to a darker one.

Set up challenges

One more useful trick for Stories is setting up challenges.

For example, you are preparing for a 300-meter swim and showing your workouts on Stories. Or you accept the challenge of doing ten push-ups every day and post the evidence on your stories. If you skip a day and followers notice that, they text you, and you give them a small gift. People will be watching you fulfilling the challenge attentively. They will be checking your stories to catch you cheating.

Show more of your feelings

Share more information about your life, share your opinions and feelings about different things. Share your experience in using devices, staying at hotels, visiting beautiful places. Do not only show things but also tell about them. People like this a lot.

Change expositions

You can change the exposition when creating photos or videos. Don’t limit yourself only to using auto settings. Change settings by yourself and make experiments.

Use Boomerang

Do not forget about the Boomerang feature. There is a Boomerang app, and the same in-built Instagram tool. Use Boomerang for capturing your stories from time to time.

Use a 3-second delay when making stories

Instagram has an option to delay shooting for three seconds. If you need to put your phone aside for a while, step away, or “practicing” and smile, then you can switch to the hands-free mode. Then long-press the hands-free button and you will get a 3-second delay before it starts shooting.

User-Generated Content

In addition, you can use your followers for UGC. User-Generated Content is a type of content that is generated by other people on your platform. You can ask followers to send you funny messages, memes, happy or unfortunate stories as an example, etc.