How to find your social media manager: qualification criteria, professional skills, and personal traits

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11 May 2022

Creativity and analytical skills

Social media managers should know how to ensure the smooth operation of their team. A combination of creative thinking and analytical skills is in demand for it. Creative thinking is necessary for producing captivating concepts, finding new ways of promotion, emphasizing the company’s or blogger’s profile on social media, and making it an outstanding one among the competitors. Together with that, a social media manager should be able to analyze the results, calculate the subscription value of new accounts, read the target tables, plan and set tasks, and draw excel tables and content plans.

Marketing Knowledge

Social media managers should be deep into general marketing, as social media management is a part of marketing. To sell a product on stories or a post, you need to understand selling techniques and triggers and know how to do a warm-up so that it doesn’t get irritating. But at the same time, you need to sting your target-audience wrinkles to excite it and make it long to buy.


A social media manager should have strong interpersonal skills as well have a knack for management, as his primary task is to manage a whole team of experts: a copywriter, a target manager, a designer, a computer artist, a story maker, a video editor, and others.

Lifetime Learning

Social media management is not about an array of profound educational courses, but it’s definitely about professional innovations. A social media manager must be able to apply all the contemporary trends to the profiles he is managing so to their profile. That aside, you have to keep in mind that a social media manager account will be a benchmark.

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How to find and hire a good SMM manager?

In our article, we will discuss six criteria you should bear in mind looking for an SMM specialist.

If a social media manager makes hot visual content, writes first-rate posts and bios, and creates stories for others, but they have low-quality pictures with no descriptions on their profile — that is an obvious example of a wheelbarrow without a wheel. Every social media manager should take care of their profile and be a bit of a blogger, as his page on social media is his icon.

Personal Traits

  1. A social media manager will share the same taste and sense of beauty with their customer, as it gets rather complicated to decide on the design of stories and feed when you see errors of taste.
  2. A social-media manager will speak English fluently to access English-speaking markets for fattening your profits. Knowing a foreign language means a broad-based knowledge, and sure enough — knowing English will open all the sources and information on Instagram updates for a social media manager.
  3. A social media manager will be proactive and curious to learn new features and implement them immediately. He will be flexible and be able to adapt the pre-approved plan or act in some other way when needed.

Area of Expertise

It is good to be an expert in some area or field for a social-media manager. A newbie in social-media management takes on anything only to gain experience. But as time goes on, they find the area of interest for themselves. It might be an area of their previous employment, as they understand the client, its target audience, and the specifics of a product.