How to get 100 000 followers on Instagram for free?

3 min read
4 January 2021

To begin with, you need to understand what you need 100 thousand followers for. Surely, it is nice to have 100 thousand followers. But why so many?

The thing is, you don’t always need big accounts for personal brands. 10, 20 or 30 thousand followers of a relevant audience who read you on a regular basis, comment, and share your values is more than enough. What matters most is the number of opinion leaders and decision-makers in your industry who follow you. It is more valuable than an account with driven up numbers.

Here is some advice to help you promote your account on Instagram.

7 rules of promoting on Instagram

1. Saved posts and comments are very important

Your task is to stimulate your audience to save and comment on your posts. They are the biggest metrics and main ratios for Instagram if you want Instagram to promote you and to increase your reach.

Saved posts are not as straightforward as likes and comments, and it is rarely pointed out that the social network holds this metric in high regard. For this reason, when you make a post, subtly remind your followers about the ‘Save’ option.

2. Content-plan is the thing of the past

Forget about the content plan. Many successful bloggers don’t use it anymore. Instead, think of possible columns you can start and make a list of them. But remember, the best posts you create are emotionally charged, meaningful, and valuable for your audience.

If you don’t have much to say, your post is likely to be left unnoticed. Instead, if you are excited and can’t wait to share something with your audience, the post has high chances to get more likes, comments, and be saved more times.

3. Write posts in advance

It is a big problem when a blogger gives up on Instagram or forgets about it. One day you are inspired and want to create, but then you get carried away by your everyday duties and forget to post.

How to avoid this situation? Write a couple of posts in advance and choose the photos you can use. It is extremely helpful. If you understand you don’t feel like creating new content, you can post something you have previously written.

4. You need microblogger advertising

Start looking for microbloggers without fake numbers. The size of their audience might vary from 5 K to 50 K followers - that’s what I call microbloggers. You contact such bloggers and ask if it is possible to buy advertising from them.

Advertising in Stories with such bloggers can be very affordable. They are new in the industry and may lack information on monetizing their account, that’s why they often have low prices. You can use their services and benefit from them.

5. Run challenges

You can run mini-challenges on your page. Say, you post 5 pictures of yourself and suggest that your followers guess when the pictures were taken. If they want to try their luck, they should send you a DM. When the users do so, Instagram favors it and increases your reach, shows your Stories more often, and promotes your account in general.

6. Live Streams are useful

Live streams have two advantages:

  1. Instagram endorses them. You can run live streams with your friends or cooperate with bloggers with a similar number of followers.
  2. You practice being in front of the camera, which is a useful skill.

7. Promotion outside Instagram

Try TV promotion. This tool is not for everyone, but it works. If you promote yourself outside Instagram, take part in TV shows. It may help you attract new audiences. Looking for followers on other social networks can also be helpful.