How to get blog post ideas: five ways to create content

4 min read
21 September 2020

Blogger’s work is not easy. It does not require much physical effort but this job is intellectually and emotionally demanding because you should generate new content all the time.

There are types of content that you enjoy creating and there are types of content that your audience likes the most.

If you have already started developing your blog, then you know that “five ways to lose weight” is the type of content that is in high demand. But if you explore the topic of nutrition deeper, then you will realize that your core audience will still read that, but you will not get that high reach and those many likes and comments that your followers usually give your posts about proven things.

We are going to tell you how to get blog post ideas and how to create posts that give pleasure to you and your audience.

5 ways to create content

1. History repeats itself

Re-record your old video. Make it a little bit different but keep 95% of the old content. Change the cover, tags, and name. You will get the traffic from the Recommended section. Nobody will even notice that this video is already uploaded on your channel because the audience is very large.

But the audience is changing. So, to put it in other words, those active people that watched your videos last year are replaced with new people. Some people stop watching your videos but then come back again. Your audience is constantly renewing itself —and it is a natural process.

People forget things quickly. You might forget things that happened a month ago, and you will also forget some YouTube blogger’s video that was created ten months ago.

So, you can use the content you have created already. Just do not forget to add something new. You can save time by choosing those videos and posts that worked perfectly a year, six months, or even a year and a half ago. This way, you can give new life to your content.

2. Trends

A hype topic is something that lots of people discuss. They are interested in it because it is breaking news.

It means that if you upload a piece of content on a popular topic, then it will automatically attract more people, and it makes sense.

Speaking about trends, we should also mention their disadvantages. First, there is burnout that a content creator experiences after the hype ends. They still should upload new content on usual topics about embroidery, design, or finances. These videos will get less reach. If you develop your Instagram, YouTube, or any other social media account, and your new content gets fewer likes and views compared to old posts, you will get anxious about it.

After the hype ends, your statistics go down, you feel upset, and this is not good for one who produces content.

It is also a way to get the wrong audience. What does that mean? It means that people who are not interested in your content see the hype content on your blog and then unfollow you in a while.

Of course, it is okay to use hype topics, but never forget one thing: you should use such content reasonably if you cannot keep the new audience, especially if you occupy a narrow niche.

3. Notes and sketches

Another source of inspiration for you is your ideas and notes that you make when creating content.

They make it much easier to create content. Otherwise, you will get stuck in the process with no ideas for new posts, so you will probably spend several days publishing nothing. If you want to write a new post, but there are no ideas in your head, you spend lots of time to find one. Then you run out of time to create a new piece of content – and that’s all, the process stops. That’s why it is very good to have some ideas prepared in advance -those you can use later.

4. Questions and comments from your audience

One more source of ideas is questions and comments on your posts or videos, or replies to stories in direct messages — anything that can inspire you to create new content.

Sometimes, questions, or comments, or some negative feedback that people leave can be a topic of a new video. It can be just one phrase that will help you to create a full video on YouTube.

5. Personal communication

Discussions and arguments with your friends or your family can be a great source of inspiration, especially for creating posts on Instagram.

If the conversation on a specific topic becomes stressful, it might be an excellent issue to discuss in your new post.