How to get more views on YouTube

3 min read
30 December 2020

Today we will tell you how to get your first ten, hundred, and maybe thousands of views on YouTube. Right now, this method is almost the only one that works at the start of your YouTube career: the views coming from search requests. YouTube has several traffic options that increase the views for specific videos.

YouTube traffic types

Hitting the recommended list

It means that your video is displayed under the video that a user is watching. After the users finish watching the main video, they can check the list with recommended videos.

Currently, the list of recommended videos is located not only next to the main video, but also on the YouTube home page.

Search results in traffic

When the users want to find something, they type their request in the YouTube search bar. Next, YouTube shows all the matching results. Of course, the platform itself plays a big role in this case. If YouTube doesn’t like your video content or its optimization level, it won’t display it in search results.

However, it’s much easier to get into the search results list than hit the recommended videos list, especially from the very beginning.

Outsource traffic

There is also a third type of traffic: the outsource traffic from e-mail newsletters, articles, or from other platforms, for example, Instagram.

Advantages and disadvantages of YouTube search traffic

Let’s talk more about the search results traffic. This method has one disadvantage: not every user that comes through a search result to watch your video will subscribe to your channel. There are fewer chances of subscribing compared to when YouTube puts you on the recommended list. Why? Imagine you are looking for instructions on how to tie a tie. Will you subscribe to this channel after watching this video? No. You have learned how to tie a tie and that’s it.

Another situation is when you watch a video on a wider topic like Instagram promotion. You watch the video and decide to learn more about this topic. So, you will watch more similar videos – and you are more likely to subscribe to the channel as a result.

Besides, you may like the video you have watched, its author, or the author’s charisma. You might have seen other videos created by this author. In this case, the chance of a subscription increases, too.

What is the main advantage of this method? This is the easiest traffic source to start with.

How to rank higher in YouTube search results

First, you have to install the vidIQ plugin and check the ratio. You need to get high search traffic, namely about 74% out of 100% search traffic. You need a lot of search requests on your topic and little content on it.

Next, find fresh videos on your topic with a lot of views. You have to watch these videos; these views mustn’t be fake so that they are not advertising views from Google Ads.

How to understand if the views are real? To illustrate, for 344 thousand views, there should be at least 10 thousand likes.

Now you know how to understand that the topic is highly requested, and the competition is not very strong. There are videos that shoot and they are fresh. Start thinking about how you can expand your topic, complement it, and make cool content on it.

Start analyzing what content will fit your topic. Check as many different requests as you can, choose the best ones, and start creating content.

Before you start creating cool content for your channel, do keyword research first. You may spend a few hours on that, but this will help you to find requests giving you more traffic with lower competition.