How to get your first 5000 followers on Instagram

3 min read
19 June 2020

So, you got your first 1000 followers: you have a well-designed bio, you know how to write interesting articles, create engaging stories, and work with audiences.

What is the next step? You should use those 1000 people that you already have as much as you can.

Step 1. Call to action

Create stories in such a way that will make your followers want to repost your content. Therefore, you should create high-quality content that will spur the audience to share your stories. Besides, you should also call your followers to action: ask to share your content in a post, refer to your audience in stories. Explain that you want to reach a certain number of followers and that you need some help.

Step 2. Promote your account using SFS

You can use SFS (Shout out for Shout out) – a way of promoting accounts aimed at sharing information and advertisements. Followers, that share your content and mention you in their stories will get reposted by you.

Following the SFS scheme, you can offer mentions, joint live streams, or reviewing a particular situation of your follower during a live stream.

It would be better if your followers will tell something about you in their stories, such as why they are interested in you, what you are doing, why it is worth following you.

Step 3. Do not offer money as a prize

Why? Because money is the wrong motivation.

It is good for hyping up something because it brings much traffic. This traffic is used for monetizing at once through pyramid schemes, binary options, and sports betting. That means that this way is not relevant to most people.

Yes, you will get extra followers, but you will not be able to cooperate with those people in the future. So, using money to motivate people does not work for account promotion, especially at the early stages.

Step 4. Create posts that are worth sharing

In your posts, you can encourage people to follow your account. Create high-quality content that is worth reposting, e.g., checklists or lists of some top things are perfect for it —people add them to favorites. In fact, adding to favorites is one of the best Instagram tools to increase the reach of your posts.

People will want to share your useful content with their audiences. Therefore, you will get free traffic. So create a list and call people to action: “If you like this list, and it was useful for you, please, share it with your followers in stories or a post.”

Step 5. Start challenges

Instead of offering money, you can start challenges. For example, you can give your followers a useful checklist, and they can tell something about you in their stories or their posts.

Step 6. Run mutual PR campaigns

Mutual PR is very similar to advertising has. It is a free method of promotion.

To learn how to create effective advertising, you should analyze analytical data. Count the cost of one follower for your account. Your goal is to learn how to decrease this cost.

Develop your Instagram account. The audience will cost more and bring you more money, so occupy your niche and start growing your audience right now.