How to increase stories reach in 10 minutes

2 min read
12 October 2020

Nowadays, the most important thing about content is the skill of attracting audiences and making people choose you and watch your stories, not thousands of other channels, shows, TV series, etc.

What is the main issue about it now? It is that people consume too much information, and they get bored very quickly.

What can you do to make your Stories more interesting for users? Here are some simple steps to help you boost the Instagram Stories reach quickly.

1. Edit your videos

Instead of making 15-second Stories and posting them as they are, edit your videos so that they will not be completely remade and take a lot of your time, but will boost engagement considerably.

Instead of a 15-second Story, make, for example, a 1-minute video and edit it a bit. It will increase views.

Open the InShot app, press New, and add your files in the order you want to see them when editing.

If you have rough cuts and sharp changes from one scene to another, do not worry, it is alright.

The main rule: if you have an opportunity to show something instead of telling about it, then you must show it. Cut out unnecessary video parts and leave funny and dynamic pieces.

Important thing: you can edit videos yourself and can delegate this task. If you learn how to edit yourself, you can create a guide and hire an assistant to do the editing for you in the future.

2. Use soundtracks

To make your videos more dynamic, add music to them. Use Spotify for Stories soundtracks.

Small tip:

  1. Choose the desirable song and turn it on and activate the screencast mode on your iPhone in advance. And now enjoy the magic: you have a 30-second video with a soundtrack being recorded.
  2. Then press the Add music button on InShot and select the Extract Audio From Video option ticking the file you have just created – a screencast with the desirable music.

Your Story is done!