How to make a month’s worth of content in just 2 hours?

3 min read
24 June 2021

1. Make a content plan

The first thing you need to do is create a content plan and draft the layout of your future posts. Despite a popular opinion, you don’t need to publish posts every day, i.e., you don’t need to make a list of 30 potential topics. Publishing 2-3 posts a week is enough. Consequently, you only need to prepare 9-12 posts.

What do you need for it? Just write down the topics you want to discuss in the next month and find suitable pictures for these posts. After you have done that, you will know what to focus on when you look for references — and during the photo shoot.

2. Choose references

If you want to find excellent references for your future photos, go to Pinterest.

Make sure to look for references not only for your future posts but also for the Stories and advertising posts you are going to use in your targeted promotion.

You can plan what your feed will look like in such programs as Canva, Unfold, or any other apps that allow you to reorganize your photos. With their help, you will find out what angles you need to save you a lot of time during the photo shoot.

3. Take pictures from different angles

A secret of a successful photo shoot is using different angles and styles. even if the photo shoot takes place at the same location, it is a good idea to wear different jumpers. It will allow you to use these pictures much longer. Bear this in mind and try changing your outfits more often and ask the photographer to take photos from different angles.

Make sure to take zoomed-in pictures, portraits, and objects that together will look great on your feed. Photos with objects and pictures without your face will get fewer likes, but you are not on Instagram only for them, are you? A diverse feed will help to attract attention and new audiences and promote your brand.

4. Keep pictures that don’t work well for the feed

Keep less flattering pictures for collages, advertising layouts, and backgrounds in Stories.

On the days when you don’t feel like talking and showing your face to the camera, you can always add unused photos to Stories and write text on top of them.

5. Don’t limit yourself to your pictures

To create a visually attractive feed and content for a month ahead, you might need other pictures than yours. There are many resources where you can find pictures that will diversify your feed. For example, you can buy images on such paid websites, like Shutterstock and Depositphotos, but there are also lots of free platforms where you can find suitable pictures for Instagram.

There you can choose photos with required textures and layouts that will help you make your feed esthetically pleasing.

After the photo shoot, arrange your feed and replace reference photos you prepared in advance with your new pictures. Here you go — a month’s worth of content is ready. You only need to decide what topics you are going to write about under each picture. If you need to introduce any changes, you can always do it because you already have a ready-made layout.

Photos only contribute to 30% of your success on Instagram. Don’t forget that you still need to write interesting posts and promote your page.