How to make money on Instagram without being a blogger

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23 March 2022

Ads in stories

Advertising is the oldest way to earn money on an Instagram blog. And earnings depend very much on the subject. Advertising in stories is the most popular format that you can sell. A post will be more expensive because posts always have higher coverage than stories. Pranks for example will bring you less money.

If you have an expert blog and the topic is related to business, finance, or investment, you can raise the price for one story view. For example, a highly professional blog on investments, the story of which is viewed by 10 thousand people, can bring a three times higher profit on ads. Remember, the stronger the personal brand, the more expensive the advertising.

Info products

You can earn pretty much money on info-products if you have a blog on Instagram. However, there is vast variability in this field. You can sell courses, for example. They can be on absolutely any topic: you can teach drawing, finance, professions, social media, directing, or photography — almost anything. Your possibility to sell courses also depends on its topics. There are evergreen themes. For example, psychology. Nothing changes in psychology. Therefore, you can create a good product once and then sell it for years. If you teach marketing, you will need to refine and update, perhaps rewrite the course every few months or once a year, because the information in marketing is constantly changing.

Pros and cons of info products

The first advantage is very high margins — especially if you do not buy advertising and sell a product directly to your blog audience.

The disadvantage of creating a course or an online school is the business complexity: you will need a team to create a product and supervise students further — check their answers and give feedback. You will need to build processes, do automation, and so on. It is a complex business.


You can sell guides, books, or checklists. It is probably the least hard-to-sell product. However, to make a good guide of at least 50 pages, you will need a month and the involvement of several specialists: an editor, an expert, or you as an expert, and a person who can beautifully design the guide. But the guide does not need to be maintained. You can simply copy it. Each next sold copy of the guide costing from 300 to 2 thousand roubles will bring you extra money.

Services and consulting

Another way is to earn money on services or consulting. If you are a designer, teacher, consultant, target expert, accountant, you can sell your services through Instagram. To do it, you need to write expert posts, make professional-like stories, and combine all this with developing your three-dimensional personal brand. You will generate leads, that is, get new customers through Instagram, and then you will be able to gradually raise the price for services since you will become a well-known specialist in the market.

Consulting can serve as an additional (and for someone — even the core) way of monetization. Sale of consultations. A consultation can be the first step before buying from you, or it can be the main product on its own.


Ambassadorship is an advanced type of advertising. In the case of advertising, you talk about a brand, product, or person just once, but if you are an ambassador, you constantly talk about the brand. You may have a contract, for example, for six months or a year, under which you show some store or brand in your stories from time to time.

Producer for experts

If you are not an expert in a particular field but understand marketing, sales, and team-building processes, you can be a producer for bloggers. Keep in mind that it requires skills to become a good producer.

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DM hints: how to communicate with clients on Instagram

Instagram Direct, unfortunately, is not the best messenger you can imagine.

The blogger producer does everything except the creative part and conveys the message to the audience. You develop a product together with a blogger. Then they have to pack the product, and ideally, you are the one responsible for the production of this product.

A producer, by the way, earns at least 50% of each project profit unless you work with a big star who already has a lot of traffic and understands how to sell themselves.

Advertising Sales Manager for bloggers

You have to bring customers, transfer these customers to the blogger and get your commission. If you grow to an agency with your own large base, you can earn up to 30-40% of the transaction. If you are a freelancer, you can take 15-20-25% of the transaction amount.

The personal assistant of an Instagram blogger

This requires being super-proactive, super responsible, understanding the social media market, of course, understanding Instagram.

What does an Instagram blogger assistant do? They check Instagram Direct messages, sort emails, or pass them to the blogger. They repost the content the blogger creates for Instagram to all other social networks, check that everything is good there in terms of pics or editing. Sometimes a personal assistant helps with the cutting of stories.

The assistant also communicates with potential customers who want to place ads.

Visual content Expert

If you have an arts degree or just good taste and Instagram visual experience, you can help bloggers design their feeds, edit photos, shoot, or offer blog visual content concepts. You can work with one blogger or cooperate with several ones.


You can become a full-fledged stories-maker. It is a person who makes blogger stories attractive and helps them come up with ideas for and plans the next day’s content.

Story makers can earn money on creating one story or run all the stories of a small blog.