How to manage blogging hate: when haters go offline

4 min read
19 August 2021

Every blogger who has over 5,000 followers can have haters. Usually, such people write insults from fake accounts. They have several pages and use them to write nasty comments. These are often people who wanted to become bloggers but failed.

The recipe for how to attract haters: you need to say what you think. When a person has their point of view that they defend, it starts driving other people crazy.

There are more haters on YouTube than on Instagram. Sometimes haters go offline. For example, they may crash a car or even physically attack a blogger.

Attack story

During the week, every day at four o’clock, Yana received five messages through anonymous questions. They arrived with an interval of 20-30 seconds. The person wrote and posted every day at the same time. Yana could not understand who was writing to her. She wrote a post about a sick person walking somewhere nearby, and it was frightening. The anonym read this post and realized that Yana wrote it about her — she turned out to be Yana’s neighbor. In return, the hater wrote a post that Yana was stalking on her, taking Stories about her, writing posts, although Yana did not even know that it was that very lady. Some friends sent Yana the hater’s post, so she realized who this girl was - oh gosh, Yana had not seen this person for two years and did not communicate with her anyhow. One day Yana went for a walk with her husband and child, a car blocked their way, from which the creep got out and started running amok: “Why are you writing posts about me?”

But Elena — that was the hater’s name — did not listen to the answers at all. Yana took out her phone and started filming it.

The story did not end there. Elena created another account and started writing nasty things to Yana again. Then Yana contacted her psychologist friend and asked what the creep wanted from her. It turned out that Elena also wanted to become a blogger. The girls started the same way, but at the attack happened, Yana had 70,000 followers, and Elena — had only 1,500. It had been a problem for Elena all the two years long: why did Yana succeed, but she failed.

How to respond to hate

Communication with haters helped Yana to developed her tactics. She tries to respond to all attacks. She always begins very politely: “Why do you need this, why do you write this, live your life, etc.” It is necessary to set a person positively, but in the end, however, it all always ends with insults.

The insults become more and more intense. At this point, Yana just bans them. Basically, for some reason, these are insults related to appearance. People pick on mostly the way you look: eyebrows, nose, teeth, fat or thin — everything goes around appearance. A person gets triggered by something that makes them feel unconfident.

How to protect yourself from hate

There are some rules to follow to avoid attacks and other dangerous situations. For example: do not post your child’s kindergarten, do not tag the places where your child spends their time, and do not add geotags. Track what you post in Stories — a view from the window or other things that haters can use to spot your address and ban people who write nasty things from fake accounts.

Post a story with screenshots of haters’ messages and tag their accounts. Most likely, the hater chooses to delete the account after such a “surprise.”

The main thing is not to take hate close to your heart. You need to build up self-confidence. Then the hater won’t be able to scare you. You are sensitive and fragile only to the things about which you’re not confident.

Reasons for hate

Usually, in blogging, haters are annoyed by what they wanted for themselves. That is, the main reason for the hate is simple envy.

Many haters accumulate negativity inside (a bad day, quarrels in the family, and difficulties at work). They want to take it out on, they come to bloggers’ accounts and write nasty things: “You are a blogger, you are a public person, I can write you whatever I want.”

Some bloggers can use hate to raise their statistics - deliberately create scandals and quarrels with other bloggers. They do so to draw attention to their account.