How to write interesting posts on Instagram: 10 useful tips

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20 November 2019

Do you want to learn how to write interesting posts for your blog, but you still have no luck? You are not sure what to write about, how to set it out, or maybe grammar is not your strongest point? Let’s have a look at how to write a good text.

1. Write for your audience

Think of the interests and worries your audience might have. You need to know your target audience, make its profile, and understand who these people are.

2. Communicate with your readers, engage them with your text.

Ask questions and advice, find out their opinion. Interaction in social networks is something you can’t do without these days.

3. Write correctly but don’t overcomplicate it.

Don’t sound too official. Imagine that you are talking to your friends and you are sharing things that you care for.

4. Add emotions to your text.

Express your feelings regarding the topic of your text and make your opinion clear.

5. Cover current events.

Find events relevant to your blog and reference them. In fact, New Year is coming soon and it is a great universal topic everyone can write about.

6. Share your memories.

Tell the story of how you started your business, job, or blog. Write about your hobbies and personal life. A sincere story is sure to resonate with your readers, especially if they can find something they can relate to.

7. Remember, brevity is the soul of wit.

It is especially relevant for social networks where there is a limit to the volume of the text. First, write a long-read and then shorten it, just as a sculptor chisels away the excess.

8. Edit the text.

Divide it into paragraphs, make lists and number them, so that the users feel like reading your post at a glance.

9. Write a catchy headline.

Try things out. Use colorful language to intrigue your readers. Questions and numbers, appealing to your audience, secret sharing, recommendations, etc. always work very well in headlines.

  1. Practice.

Write regularly. It is ok if you don’t publish every post, but you will foster the required skills. Practice, practice, practice.

When you have few ideas

What should be my writing topic? And in a way that is interesting and suits the tastes of my target audience? The most important thing is that every post has its aim: from increasing brand loyalty to boosting sales.

These are safe bets:

  1. Create your column. It looks good and has direct associations not only with you but also with your service or product. It is easy to come up with an idea. It should be something that you are ready to talk about regularly. Something that you specialize in — that is needed and interesting for your target audience. Don’t bother to be super original — it is unnecessary. Be sure to create a hashtag for your column.

  1. Discuss recent trends, especially those in your industry. It is called — connecting to the brand. In this case, any event on the agenda can be a brand, for example, trendy occasions, or affairs.

  1. As a journalist, I recommend you to write a column consisting of your company updates. It works well for almost any business.
Adidas is briefly announcing the new collection.

  1. Working process, behind the scenes, backstage — you can give it any name. It only matters that you share it with your audience. Any content related to this topic will be interesting — texts, videos, carousel and the more, the better.

  1. Add some humor. It attracts people. Write a funny story about your working routine. Let your audience relax and smile — and a smile means loyalty.
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If you follow these recommendations, you will be able to make a content-plan, if not for a month, but two weeks for sure.

And here is another piece of advice for you. To write interestingly and easily, read! It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get down to a classic book. But make sure to refresh your knowledge — read your favorite writers and find new ones. Read social and political texts, discover new writing styles, be aware of the recent news in your field. It will help you write an article or a post that your followers will read to the very end.