How to write posts on Instagram: 7 simple rules

2 min read
14 January 2021

1. Cover the topics you are interested in

Choose topics that you enjoy discussing. Just write them down. What subjects do you normally bring up in conversations with other people? The topics should be specific because general philosophical discussions are quite hard to put down on paper, especially if you aren’t a professional writer. This way, your text won’t have a good structure and will be hard to read and, and as a result, it won’t be useful. You may try sophisticated topics later, but for now, practice with simpler ones to get the hang of it.

2. Read other bloggers

Follow the bloggers who write on similar topics. If it is about health, find popular bloggers who focus on this topic. Read their posts to find out what aspects they cover and note new ideas. If you see a topic you have something to say about, don’t hesitate to write your post about it.

3. Write about things you genuinely care about

Why is it important? The more emotionally involved you are, and the more you think about the topic, the more likely you are to create engaging content.

If an interesting topic comes up, ask your friends for their opinion. Potentially, their thoughts will give you extra ideas or will help you to develop your own ones.

4. Study additional materials

Analyze the research on the topic and keep up to date with the latest news. Try to think about making your input.

5. Ask your followers

Simply ask your followers what topics they would like to see in your posts and Stories or what particular issues they would want to read more about.

6. Tell stories about your past

Make a list of interesting stories from your past that you don’t mind sharing. Draw up conclusions at the end of your story to logically finish your post. These may be your observations or the lessons you have learned.

7. Don’t procrastinate

If you can’t decide on the exact direction of your brand, don’t worry. Get into the habit of writing and try out different topics. Later, you will find the approach and style that work best for you.