I do not feel comfortable when posting Stories: how to become more confident and love yourself

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27 April 2022

It is impossible to promote your account on Instagram without Stories effectively. If people know that Stories are necessary and help sell, promote, and increase loyalty, why does not everybody post them then?

The answer may not be as easy as it seems. Most people do not feel comfortable being on the camera, talking to the camera, and recording videos. People might find excuses not to make Stories: ‘My flat is not great,’ ‘I do not know what to talk about,’ or ‘I am not eloquent.’ Our brains help us find excuses not to do what is necessary and what will lead to progress.

How to overcome camera shyness?

What are the key moments that make people camera shy?

  1. Being in the spotlight
  2. The need to say and show things

Many people are embarrassed by these things. You are not the only one.

The most important thing is to start

The hardest thing is to start — so you keep postponing the start. You think that things are not perfect enough to start sharing them. Bear in mind that there will never be an ideal moment when you are 100% ready. Thus, you just need to start by posting a Story a day. You do not have to appear on the camera at first. Post Stories with text comments to begin with. If you do not want to post photos — publish collages or other content. Your aim at this stage is to start doing things.

Learn to be on camera

To start, you need to get comfortable facing the camera by taking pictures of yourself or recording short 15-second videos. Find a quiet place where nobody will disturb you. It should be a place without any other people where you can record a video in quietness without being embarrassed.

Try to tell a story, record yourself from different angles, in a different light, in different settings and find your best angle where you look your best.

Learn to find good angles

Find the angles, backgrounds, lighting, clothes, and hairstyles that make you like how you look. With every new Story, it will become easier for you. It does not matter how many shots you will have to do. However, avoid perfectionism. It may happen that the first attempt will not be successful, but carry on trying. The more attempts you make — the more likely you are happy with the result.

Gradually increase the number of Stories

Gradually increase the number of Stories: a couple a day, as many as you can, as many as the content plan requires you to make. No matter what, regularity is the key.

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How to increase your reach on Instagram Stories: examples and lessons learned

Such emotions as tenderness, anger, sadness, irritation, fury, excitement, and hatred trigger our attention and make us continue watching.

You will forget that you have been camera shy in six months with this approach. Allow yourself to make mistakes and rerecord if needed. If you are not happy, try again. Making Stories and feeling at ease in front of the camera is an art. However, everybody can master it. And each time it will be an easier task for you as long as you manage to harness your fear, become more relaxed in front of the camera, and leave your comfort zone.