Instagram Archive

1 min read
13 January 2018

What has happened

In May, 2017 Instagram announced a new feature called Archive.

Archive is an Instagram virtual folder to which you can move your photos. The moved photos become unavailable to your followers but will be saved. The owner of an account can always review them. Archive may be useful in case of a breakup, when you feel sorry about deleting your photos together but don’t want to review or close access to them.

In fact, Archive is the closed Instagram inside the very Instagram.

Why are users not satisfied?

Notwithstanding Archive appeared on the network in May 2017, it has still been available to very few users by October 2017. The service has been functioning as a beta-version for half a year already.

The same situation occurred for two factor authorization. Instagram had announced it in February 2016 and it became available only in March 2017. It is too long for beta-testing even for such a complex and important feature.

Instagram users worry about the fact that Instagram management team spend more efforts on entertaining content like live masks, but not real product improvement.

How to handle it

Unfortunately, there are no outside alternatives to Archive so far. However, you can always schedule photos in Onlypult Favourites.