Instagram Automation: All You Have to Know in 2024

6 min read
19 January 2024

What could be simpler than uploading your pictures in the Instagram app? For a regular user, Instagram is just another tool to share the brightest and cutest moments of their lives. However, many users don’t set any limits and explore all of the opportunities that this famous social network provides.

With so many possibilities, it takes much more responsibility to manage an account. Following accounts, monitoring trends, and commenting takes up so much precious time and energy. That is why people are trying to find ways to simplify this process. Sometimes they come up with useful ideas, and sometimes they make terrible mistakes and get their accounts banned. Let’s dive into the topic and break it down.

Instagram Bots: What Are They?

Instagram automation bots are special kinds of programs that are used by some people for leaving comments under other people’s posts, liking posts, and following and unfollowing accounts. You can create your own bot and make it perform certain actions. You could also choose to use a bot that has already been created.

For example, you can make an Instagram bot app leave a comment under posts with certain hashtags, or follow all the accounts that meet certain criteria. All in all, bots imitate human behavior on Instagram. All the functions you can do can be carried out by a bot.

Instagram Auto Liker

By using an Instagram like bot, you can significantly increase your popularity on Instagram. As soon as you upload a new photo or video, this bot will send likes to the post. Using this feature, you can have your post reach the top of your followers’ feeds and have the activity you need for selling products, announcing some events, or just for your own pleasure. Usually, the more likes your post has, the more likely people are going to trust the information in it.

Instagram Auto Follow

Mass following is crucial for commercial accounts as it helps to attract more people and, therefore, sell more products and become popular among the target audience. Promoting accounts takes time, and an auto followers Instagram bot helps to minimize this period. The idea is to instill confidence in your brand by creating the appearance that many people love and follow the account.

Instagram Comment Bot

This bot can help you to create the illusion of popularity, but it will never be able to attract real people. It leaves comments under certain posts, according to hashtags, for example. This bot must be used with care – who wants to read funny comments under a post with tragic content? There are plenty of awkward, to put it mildly, situations you may find yourself in.

Main Issues with Instagram Automation

Speaking about awkward situations, an Instagram comment bot is not the only bot that can seriously let you down. Even if you can apologize to the person under whose post about the dead dog “you” wrote “How awesome!” you will find it difficult to explain yourself to Instagram’s rules.

If you look closely at Instagram terms and conditions, you will understand that bots violate the majority of them. Your comment can be deleted, so that isn’t the main problem. The real obstacle will hit you when your account is banned, and all the money you have spent on bots will just disappear.

This is quite a gloomy situation for a personal account, but what about commercial ones? The prospect of losing money, content, followers, and the very possibility of using Instagram for business is dreadful. Ask yourself honestly whether or not you are ready for that kind of ending.

How Might Instagram Bots Destroy Your Brand?

This is the question that people tend to ignore at the beginning but come back to at the end. On the Internet, you can find plenty of sad stories.

Some entrepreneurs can’t understand that it is not the number of likes, followers, or posts that matters, but, rather, the quality of them.

What are the reasons to have thousands of followers when only a few dozen buy your products? Chasing the image of a successful businessperson makes it easy to forget the initial reason for promoting an account.

Furthermore, Instagram automation bot accounts are often banned after a year (in the best scenario) of being activated. Bots are not your loyal customers.

The work people put into their posts deserves to be rewarded and appreciated. With a huge number of bots following your account, you will never understand how many people are ready to buy your product.

Instagram bots can diminish your brand name because:

  1. Some day, Instagram is going to notice unnatural activity and cut you off. You will be disappointed in the end.
  2. Plenty of money, energy, and time will be wasted. You will never be able to make your money back. The funds could have been spent on something much more useful.
  3. You won’t get loyal followers by automation.
  4. Bots help you stop staring at your phone the whole day long, but the result of this work leaves much to be desired.
  5. Using bots can easily compromise and destroy your reputation, possibly forever.

When Is Instagram Automation Allowed?

So, all automation on Instagram will get you banned, right? Actually, there are tools you can use without being afraid of losing all the information.

First of all, you could use a content calendar. With the help of this service, you will be able to target the best time for your posts and get recommendations according to your individual goals.

With the help of such service, you can create content beforehand and post it right on the date and time you need. This will help you to publish your content regularly and plan it in advance. Even if you don’t have access to the Internet, or if you simply want to spend some quality time together with your family, tool will post whatever you want for you whenever you need it.


Instagram bots are attractive as they are relatively cheap to use and can get you plenty of feedback and boost your account activity in no time. They are extremely popular among newly founded brands or people who want everything at once.

It is sad but true – for a decent result, you have to make decent efforts. While bots look like an innocent way to improve your account statistics, all of these auto likers, auto comments, and so on just put you in danger of being banned. No one can ever form a loyal audience and happy customers by having fake followers.

There are many ways of avoiding bots and getting the result you want in the end. Of course, it is going to take more time and, in some cases, more money, but you will be sure that you won’t wake up one morning just to see that all your hard work is gone.

Instagram Automation FAQ

Instagram automation is software created for completing different tasks. Programs, more often called bots, can follow and unfollow accounts, write comments, put likes, and imitate human actions. It is necessary for saving time. Bots also seem to be effective in boosting activity, which is highly important for commercial accounts.

In general, no. Nevertheless, there are strict rules for using automation for promoting accounts and garnering activity. You may be banned for a violation of these rules. To avoid any troubles:

  • Don’t imitate huge activity. If your posts usually have up to 30 comments, having one hundred will be suspicious. Everything should look natural.
  • Do not comment, post, and follow at the same time.
  • Never spam.
  • Be friendly and create a cozy atmosphere in your account. Provide well-elaborated customer service.

Yes, it can. You can be shadowbanned or even disappear forever. That does not mean that every person who uses bots will be banned eventually. But the risks are very high. Besides, to avoid being banned for bots, you have to use them wisely and follow certain rules. For example, stop commenting and liking posts by yourself so that you don’t interfere with the bot actions, and so on.

All bots that are not connected with the account activity, such as liking, sharing, commenting, following, and unfollowing are absolutely harmless and will only help you on our way to achieving your dream.

As long as your account does not send spam to get an enormous number of likes, everything is ok. We strongly recommend against using auto followers, auto likers and comment bots, though.