Instagram masks in Stories: creation and promotion

3 min read
19 October 2020

Instagram masks are an augmented reality feature. You might have already come across them when making Stories and applying filters: rabbit ears, 3D make up, etc.

A logical question arises here: can a business use Instagram masks and how? There is a whole category of business masks. In 2019 Instagram made it possible to create and post custom-made masks for all Instagram users with no exceptions. Now any user can create and upload a mask.

Formats of Instagram masks for business

Virtual fitting room

The first format of masks is a virtual fitting room.

A customer can choose a particular shade of lipstick, open their smartphone, and see if the selected shade looks good.

In fact, you can use this format for any product categories, e.g., clothes or make-up. Interestingly, you can apply such effects not only to your face but to any objects.

If you produce kitchen furniture, you can make a mask that will allow users to see a new kitchen instead of the old one. If you sell furniture, you can create a mask that will make it possible for a customer to see in what place a piece of furniture looks better.

If you are a dentist, you can create a mask that shows what your teeth will look like after teeth whitening and so forth.

Essentially, a very important issue is solved here: by creating a mask, you let your customer understand what your product looks like and how it works.

Masks for branding

Masks for branding work like this: a user puts their phone closer and sees themselves wearing a tattoo designed as your logo.

Product masks

For example, a product mask by Teremok is a pancake face. It is one of the most popular Russian Instagram business masks. The company has a very unusual approach: those who create a Story with such masks take part in a challenge automatically. It results in frequent downloads.

Branded games

You create a mask where your character reacts to head turns and other motions.

Why do you need to create masks in Stories?

  • it increases product interaction. The customer will understand your product better;
  • it may go viral. You can attract a new audience thanks to masks. Foremost, it works through users’ friends, who see Stories containing your mask.
  • lower cost of a follower. It allows reducing the cost of a follower significantly if compared to targeted advertising or advertising through a blogger.

How to create a mask for Instagram Stories

There are two options.

The first option is to buy it from specialists. There is already a fully-fledged new profession—AR mask creator. The cost of a mask varies a lot, and it depends on the difficulty and other factors. A simple mask can cost 3-5 thousand rubles. An elaborate mask containing analytics data and additional features can cost more than 100 thousand.

The second option is to create a mask yourself. There is a special service — Spark Art Studio. It is an official tool for Instagram and Facebook. It is the only official program that allows you to create masks. It works like a constructor. You can create your mask using it.