Instagram showcase

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27 June 2022

What is the difference between an online store and a showcase?

You need an Instagram account not only need to sell but also to build relationships.

Not only online stores but also experts can use the showcase profile to promote their services.

In the showcase, you definitely need to make highlights with the most popular questions from potential customers. For example: ‘What services do you provide? What is the price?’ In highlights, you need to show the price list, examples of your works or cases, customer reviews, instructions on ‘How to order, and information about current discounts and promotions. In the header of such an account, you can specify links to other profiles you already run — for example, your personal blog.

You can also post a short video about you, who you are, what you do, your projects, and how you can help your followers.

How to properly maintain an Instagram account

It is clear that the best thing is that you post in your account constantly: publish posts two or three times a week, shoot reels, and videos, hold lives, and always post stories. However, if you are a business owner, Instagram will take you plenty of time. But it’s not necessarily that the account yields in the number of new customers. You’re wasting money on advertising. People come to your profile, check it, and understand that the design, to put it mildly, is not good enough. Therefore, you need to show an excellent picture to compete with others.

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Tips for the Instagram profile heading: username, avatar, bio

The heading of your profile might be either of selling or story telling nature. A selling heading is a classical and composed way to go — it’s about marketing. Such type of heading contains info about you, your occupation, your product or course, and news on your latest launch.

Therefore, if you are running a business, don’t have time to post on Instagram constantly, and cannot find an SMM specialist who will run an account, you can create a showcase profile and no longer add posts and highlights.

You can just put a link to the showcase — your expert profile —on your personal profile.