How to Increase Engagement on Instagram in 2024 - 20 Useful Tips

2 min read
7 February 2024

What is like time?

First of all, it is an activity on Instagram. The main purpose of like times is to increase your audience’s activity rate and, thus, increase its reach.

One of the basic principles of interaction is the previous interaction experience. It means that the more people like and comment on your post – the more people will see it.

Like time mechanics

You publish a post and tell people that it is like time, you set the goal – to increase each other’s activity rate. You should also describe the requirements:

  1. Every participant should like three of your recent posts.
  2. Participants should also like one or several previous posts of people from comments.
  3. Participants should leave a comment: “I want likes”.

Another option is to do a comment time.

What is the purpose of like times?

Every participant likes each other’s posts, and everyone likes your posts, too. And what is more — they leave comments under your post. In this case, you get the biggest results, because you get a lot of activity. And this is very important for the smart feed algorithm.

Each participant also gets their profit. Their posts are liked either by one user or (which happens more often) the most active people go to all commentators’ accounts, like their content, and write comments.

Thus, everyone can get a high activity rate. And the most important is that all of this is a real activity. These are not bots — these are real people - your followers like your content and leave comments. And due to this, the audience’s reach is growing.

Is the like time safe?

It is a completely safe technique — Instagram has no complaints about it. It has no negative consequences. At the same time, running like times once in a while (they should not be too frequent—once in every two weeks, maximum — once a week) helps to increase the reach.

Of course, this format is more suitable for personal blogs and personal brands rather than for companies. If a large company does it, then it may look quite weird. Otherwise, it is almost a universal tool.