Onlypult + Pieta: saving lives

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2 May 2018

Onlypult has been cooperating with organizations worldwide, which make a better world, for many years already. One of such organizations is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Pieta House is a charity that provides free services to people at risk of suicide or self-harm, and who have been bereaved by suicide.

We made a short interview with Pieta House Communication Team to learn what it feels like to change the world.

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Tell us about Pieta House: when, by whom, and what for was the organization founded?

Pieta House was founded in 2006 in Ireland to provide professional services which was available and free for people who are at risk of suicide or self-harm. In 2016 the charity extended its services to also provide suicide bereavement support. The organization has centers all over Ireland, and we have already helped 36,000 people up to date. TWe use a clinically proven therapy model, and focus on care, warmth, and understanding. 240 part-time and full-time therapists work for Pieta House; we also have a 1-800-247-247 hotline available 24/7.

The vision of Pieta House is a world where suicide, self-harm, and stigma have been replaced by hope, self-care, and acceptance.

How does Instagram help complete your mission?

Pieta House is hope: our posts reflect our values. Instagram helps us reach the audience which does not use Facebook or Twitter (we also have pages there). Social media are important for covering our activity, raising funds and reducing suicide stigma. Moreover, the Instagram account is our fastest-growing page compared to other social networks and gives us the opportunity to reach the large audience.

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How does Onlypult help you work?

Onlypult was one of the first to make Instagram scheduled posting available, that saves our time very well. A year ago, until we learned about you, our Instagram account had been almost disused because of lack of time, and it was hard to plan a content strategy for it. We like the intuitive interface very much and appreciate the support team’s quick replies and help in unclear situations. And, of course, the feature of saving hashtags is extremely useful!

Can you tell us about any cases when Pieta House supported people in hard times and changed their lives for the better?

We do not ask our clients to share their stories. We work with vulnerable people, and the attention that can come with talking publicly about your experiences can sometimes have a negative impact on your wellbeing. If you visit our Facebook page, lots of people leave reviews about their experience with us if you would like to read more.

Is there anything you would like to tell people about your organization or problems you solve?

Pieta House is all about hope. Every day we are changing the conversation in Ireland (and around the world with our Darkness Into Light event) about suicide and self-harm, and it’s an amazing thing to be part of.

What can help the charity to complete its mission?

Our main purpose is to make Pieta’s existence useless. We, Pieta House, want to see the world where nobody needs us, and nobody dies by suicides or does harm to himself/herself, or suffers from the suicide of loved ones. If people understand that the way we treat each other is a matter of life and death, it will help us. Labeling based on race, sexual preferences, religion, appearance, personality and so on – these are the reasons for people to come to us, not only mental health issues. Since we started, many things have changed in Ireland in this respect (social media help with it so much). The next step is accepting the fact that our actions have some result. They make a better world.

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Where to find more information about Pieta?

Start with our website – And, of course, there are our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. They are different, and the content is not duplicate.

If you are making a better world and social media help you do it, write at – we will tell about it and inspire others by your example.