Reels on Instagram: algorithm, topics, content plan

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5 May 2022

Explore Feed on Instagram features Reels. People who do not follow you yet can see your short less-than-a-minute-long video in their Reels Explore Feed. They may discover your account and start to follow. The number of people who will see your Reels in their suggestions depends on various performance factors. Let us figure out how the Reels algorithm works.

1. View-through rate

It makes it easier to understand what people like if they watch your videos till the end. All social media platforms value the time users spend with the content rather than the number of likes. If people spend a lot of time watching your content, Instagram will more likely expand your audience.

What can I do to increase the view-through rate? Bear in mind a few crucial things:

— audience engagement in the first two seconds. Make your audience intrigued and willing to learn more from your video. ‘Learn how to stop procrastinating in this short video.’ — key question. A key question should stand out in the video description. ‘In this video, I will tell you how…’ — in an educational or expert content Reel. If it is a dance video, also start it with something catchy. — storytelling. Reels are perfect for storytelling.

2. Interactions

Another factor is interactions — likes, comments, etc. How do you increase interaction? There are a few classic tricks:

— call to action at the end of a video: ‘Like to…,’ ‘Put in the comments…,’ etc. It is avital tool for direct engagement with the audience. — compare: ‘Active vs passive Investing’, ‘Instagram vs TikTok’, ‘Fame Structure vs Brickwork’ — the audience will pay attention to such headers for sure. It is a way to increase interaction. — contests. Contests in Reels only start to appear. They usually use comments. It promotes engagement and increases audience interaction.

3. Quality of the video

Low-quality videos will not get in the Recommended section to other users. It is an important aspect to keep in mind.

What can affect quality? The quality often decreases after you process the video in an application, then send it to an SMM specialist via WhatsApp – the quality of the video decreases with each step. Ideally, you should upload Reels directly from your camera, but it is not the only way to keep the quality high. You can shoot the video with your smartphone camera and minimize any actions that would lead to a quality decrease. The engagement falls significantly of the video quality is low.

4. Watermarks

The videos are often downloaded from TikTok and posted on Instagram. First, in this case, you have a low-quality video. Second, there may be watermarks that will lead to poor engagement. Instagram will not be promoting its competitor — therefore, such Reels will not get into the Reels Explore feed. You can use chatbots in Telegram that remove watermarks from your successful videos from TikTok that you would like to post on Instagram Reels.

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How to use Instagram Reels for promotion

Reels are a new feature of Instagram, but nevertheless, they have already become one of the most popular and efficient formats of content.

Many think Reels are similar to TikTok and would only be suitable for entertaining content, vines, funny dances, and jokes, but it is not definitely so. All these topics are welcome in Reels too. But there is also an expert content segment there. It is a vital tool for many people to share their knowledge in a concise way. A big part of all the Reels — expert content.