SMM promotion trends in 2024

4 min read
14 February 2024

Augmented reality: masks

The first trend is augmented reality. At the end of 2019, this tool started being implemented into different technologies and systems.

The augmented reality is represented in masks in Instagram Stories, where you can create your custom-made mask. Users activate a mask and see themselves in augmented reality. Now there are many cases of this kind. Sports companies released masks where a person can try trainers on, jewelry brands launch masks that allow users to try earrings and other jewelry on.

Now masks are simple, straightforward, and easy to use – with them your face can be augmented with certain elements. Gradually masks will become a better-integrated method of communication, and new full-fledged apps will appear with features implemented through masks.

Moreover, the augmented reality trend manifested itself not only in masks. There are AR-advertising with augmented reality on Facebook and in targeted advertising. But it is only available in some countries, for example, in the USA. For instance, you sell furniture, and you launch an advert. Users open it and see how a cupboard, armchair, or a bed-side table will look in a particular area of their flat. Obviously, there is a Buy Now button.


Changes in targeted advertising

How has targeted advertising been developing all these years? We have been trying to break the audience into smaller groups, run split-tests, and opt for micro audiences. Now, according to Facebook itself, it is becoming the thing of the past. These days it is crucial to choose primary targeting. For instance, it can be a man from a particular town with particular interests. After that, the self-learning system will be targeting different people from the list that tracks their impressions and tries to find similarities. And in the end, it shows more advertising to those who react more actively.

As a result, the system will automatically adjust itself and search for people who only buy when there is a price tag.

Each person will be shown different adverts, and all the information will be accumulated on Facebook and Instagram. Next time the same person will see an emotional video. Because the system already knows the person has already seen a car, a wedding offer, insurance or something else, and doesn’t need to know the price but is responsive to emotions. And the system will be looking for such a person to show them your emotional video. However, for your post with prices, analytics, and specific data, it will target other interested people from your targeting list.

A new generation of social networks

The next trend is the appearance of a new generation of social networks.


TikTok today is a platform where people spend a lot of time. According to Mediascope studies, it is the fifth most popular platform by the time people spend there. The audience is permanently rising. Interestingly, now not only teenagers join TikTok but also students, graduates, and even older people. Potentially, in a couple of years, TikTok will transform into a more multi-faced social network. Currently, all the campaigns aimed at younger audiences are on TikTok. It is a fantastic variety of businesses: concerts, clothing, particular brands, FMCG, etc. Most of them have young people as an audience segment.

There are new, more interesting promotional methods on this social network. For example, recently there was a case by a large American chain of construction stores, who were promoting videos showing people refurbishing their rooms in their dormitories. It is a perfect example of hitting the avatar of the target audience.


New formats of cooperation with influencers

Cooperation with influencers on Instagram and YouTube is changing. New opportunities for analytics and collaboration appear, as well as new formats of product placement. The market is getting systemized, thus, the prices are becoming more static. Now, it is almost like maths, with the help of which you can choose your audience.


Most social networks, except YouTube, are switching from their static posts to more vibrant stories. That is why people say “Stories first.” Indeed, it is one of the most important trends. That is why it is crucial these days to be able to work with Stories correctly.

The whole approach to content-strategy should change. It is advisable to make several content plans for each feed – it is a different type of interaction, which often involves different people.