The best posts on Instagram: what constitutes high-quality content

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7 August 2019

Instagram’s audience is becoming more selective. These days good photos and high-quality videos are not enough: you also need to couple them with interesting and engaging texts that won’t let your subscribers get bored.

In this article, we have derived the main components of publications for Instagram: this should not be forgotten while preparing the next post.

The maximum length of the description is 2,200 words and 30 hashtags. Under each photo, you can write a little novel!

1. Style

Social media accounts mimic people and choose different styles of communication. White House Instagram speaks in a formal language, which is full of high esteem. A small brand account flirts with its readers.

Choose a suitable style of communication. This is a difficult task that will take time. Try to communicate in different ways, choose a new style for a new publication and track feedback. Users will tell you what method of communication they consider appropriate.

At first, choose the style in which the founder of the brand communicates or the style that is used in the company.

2. Emoji

Emoji is a new universal language that is prevailing over English. Emoji from Germany, Chile, Bangladesh, and Japan users communicate using graphic icons that everyone understands.

Also, the usage of emoji noticeably rejuvenates the brand.

Subway uses emoji instead of a letter, hinting at a new drink

Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


Публикация от Official Subway (@subway)

Just remember that moderation is required for everything. A large number of Emoji in the post makes it difficult to take in the text and annoys subscribers.

3. Mention other users

There are several layers when it comes to describing the content on Instagram. At the base layer, a brand writes something on its behalf. This is not bad, but you can add another layer to make the message richer. Link your description to other users. Indicate them in the post and cite them. Tell a story related to a character in a photo.

GoPro publishes photos of users and communicates with subscribers

4. Hashtags

Hashtags help promote publications and find them in the feed and group posts. Therefore, you should never forget about them.

It is best to use a small number of hashtags. Many brands and bloggers prefer to separate them from the main text or publish them separately (in comments).

Others neatly intertwine several main hashtags with the text, where they look unobtrusively and immediately make it clear to users what tag they should use to look for the product and other posts about it.

This is how Lays reports a prize draw

5. A call to action

One of the main indicators of a good post is the reaction and involvement of users: likes and comments.

Ask questions, call for discussion, ask, seek advice or others’ stories. Subscribers are always pleased when others find their opinions interesting. Feel free to talk about what you want to get from subscribers.

H&M asks a question in his post

And finally

The most important type of content on Instagram is photos and videos. No text will help if the visual component of the post disappoints. Therefore, make sure that your feed contains only high-quality media with good resolution.

Instagram feed can be built so that the photos and videos correspond to the colors of the brand and fit the style.

Twix takes bright yellow-red photos

Try and experiment with colors, do not be afraid of new ideas and follow take the feedback into account.

Gucci makes themed photos and changes the look of their Feed from time to time

⌘ ⌘ ⌘

Schedule to publish on Onlypult and test your communication styles with your audience by creating various descriptions.

Analyze and evaluate the coverage and responses to the posts Analyze and evaluate the coverage and feedback to the posts. It will help you choose an appropriate option to communicate with followers.