Twitch Sub Count Overview: Tracker, an Analysis of the Top Streamers

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5 March 2024

Тwitch is a platform for streamers to share their content on various lifestyle topics live. Most users share video game gameplay and broadcasts of esports competitions. The platform also allows you to record streams.

Twitch doesn’t display the number of subscribers; however, it does show the number of followers. There is a tool called TwitchTracker designed for this purpose. It provides two statistical lists by subscriber: Active Subs and All-time-Subs. While All-time-Subs features just a few scores for a streamer, Active Subs shows more detailed statistics such as the count of paid subscriptions and their type.

It should be noted that the tracker doesn’t guarantee 100% accuracy for its figures. As of Febrary, 2024, the leader of Active Subs is JYNXZI, with ~176,438 subscriptions. Another streamer, Kai Cenat, has dropped one position after he became the leader in tje end of 2023. However, this hasn’t prevented him from taking first place on the All-time-Subs list. Important notice: being the leader of Active Subs doesn’t mean being the leader in all Twitch sub stats. For example, JYNXZI has ~63,025 paid subscribers, while Kai Cenat, being the second in Active Subs, has ~32,764 paid subscribers. SHLOROXT has take thirt place with 64,862 Active Subs and he has 60,773 paid subscribers. NINJA is leader by follower numbers, with 19 million of them.

Key takeaways

  • Twitch is a live streaming platform popular with gamers. Viewers can subscribe to streamers’ channels for a monthly fee.
  • The site doesn’t show subscriber counts publicly, but the tool TwitchTracker provides stats. Currently the top streamer by active subscriptions is JYNXZI with 176,438.
  • Unique Twitch slang includes “Pog” to express excitement, “MonkaS” for being scared, and “Bits” as a virtual currency to support streamers. Top streamers can earn over $100,000 per month.

Twitch Terms and Definitions

On Twitch, the fan community can watch and comment on a stream or chat with each other. Тhe users have developed a specific communication method based around various slang expressions and emoticons or emotes. Here are some of them:

  • Sub - Means a subscription to a streamer’s channel through periodic donations. Аt the very beginning, there was one subscription fee, set at $4.99 (Tier 1) per month, but later subscriptions for $9.99 (Tier 2) and $24.99 (Tier 3) were added. It is also possible to renew a sub quarterly, every six months, once per year, or every two years. Each level of subscription adds an extra benefit. Since Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014, Amazon Prime users can subscribe to channels for free by linking their Amazon Prime account to their Twitch account.
  • MonkaS - An emote that users utilize to show that they are nervous or scared.
  • POG or PogU - POG/PogU are very popular emotes to express excitement.
  • Bits - A virtual currency used in chats to Cheer a streamer.
  • Twitch Affiliates are streamers who have earned their popular on the platform. Twitch affiliate is given access to additional content monetization and streaming tools.
  • Twitch Partners are creators content, such as games, music, talk shows, art, and etc. They get access to more types of ads (and get more control over how and when they show those ads), as well as a bigger portion of the revenue from ads, subscriptions, and Bits
  • 15 Twitch Streamers by Subscriber Count (Leaderboard)

    Who Twitch theme providers? Below are 15 streamers from the All-time Peak Active Subscriptions list by February 2024. The numbers will change by the time you read this because these figures are continually changing.



  • Peak Subscriptions - 179,543 
  • Followers – 4.8mln
  • Channel Description - Jynxzi is an American streamer, most well-known as a Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege game player — more than 6130 hours.
  • Additional Info - He also played other popular multiplayer games including NBA 2K Series, Fortnite, Among Us, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5.
  • His career growth can be called rapid and he often talks about it in interviews. The path from one viewer to the most subscribed streamer was difficult, but he overcame it.



  • Peak Subscriptions - 269,154 
  • Followers - 19mln
  • Channel Description - Мakes streams on the topic of video games. His longest-streamed game is Fortnite, which brought him popularity. Besides Fortnite, he streams Final Fantasy XI Online and Final Fantasy X. Had broken Twitch records thanks to Fortnite gameplay together with Drake.
  • Additional Info - A professional eSports player since 2009, his second year of college. He started his professional career with Halo 3. Currently is a member of famous Luminosity Gaming, a professional eSports organization. A very experienced Fortnite player. Has organized a Fortnite tournament in Las Vegas, featuring other well-known top players, and won $50.000.
  • Ninja streams everywhere. Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & TikTok. Just launched a brand new podcast AFK W/ NINJA

    He held the record for being the most subscribed streamer of all time. On his page on Twitch, you can find a link to an online store where fans can buy branded hoodies, t-shirts, and other clothing with his name on them.



  • Peak Subscriptions - 116,870 
  • Followers – 4.5mln
  • Channel Description - Ranboo is famous for comedic content and Minecraft streams. He began his streaming career on September 11, 2020.
  • Additional Info - He hides his personal life from the fans. There is even no reliable information about his age, but it is known that he graduated from high school this year. Ranboo constantly wears a mask covering the lower part of his face, so no one has seen his real face.
  • Ranboo is a member of Dream SMP, a Minecraft SMP server maintained by Dream Team. He gained popularity when he announced that he would run for president of L’Manberg, an independent nation-state within Minecraft. This is what led him to the Dream Team.



  • Peak Subscriptions - 102,857 
  • Followers - 4.1mln
  • Channel Description - Gaules is the main Brazilian streamer who has passed the way from the deepest depression to global popularity.
  • Additional Info - For many, the name Gaules is associated with constant news about breaking records on views and emotional YouTube videos.

    He is a professional CS 1.6 player and created the g3nerationX esports organization, which grew to multi-gaming in a few years.

  • Ibai


  • Peak Subscriptions - 136,115 
  • Followers - 15.4mln
  • Channel Description - Ibai is a streamer from Spain. In 2022, Llanos set a new record for the most watched Twitch stream ever with more than 3.3 million viewers tuning into the Velada del Ano III online boxing match, in which celebrities participated.
  • Additional Info -Velada del Ano III online boxing match broke all previously set records on Twitch. In February 2021, Llanos launched an interview series called “Charlando tranquilamente” (“Calmly Chatting”). In his first program, he spoke with footballer Gerard Piqué.
  • Rubius


  • Peak Subscriptions - 56,577 
  • Followers - 14.9mln
  • Channel Description - Rubius — Ruben started his streaming career by playing “GTA IV”, then switched to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Additional Info - Rubius created the elrubiusOMG YouTube channel. Ruben prefers gameplays, but is not limited to that: he also shoots challenges, vlogs, answers to fans’ questions. Ruben’s content primarily consists of letsplays, but he also publishes vlogs, challenges, answers to questions and sketches.
  • Caseoh_


  • Peak Subscriptions - 58,214 
  • Followers - 3mln
  • Channel Description - Caseoh_ creates a unique atmosphere on his streams, which helps viewers feel at ease and enjoy the content.
  • Additional Info - Caseoh_ also actively interacts with the audience, responds to their comments and creates a pleasant and friendly envirionment. Thanks to his devotion and talent, he expands his audience and continues to be one of the most successful streamers.
  • Auronplay


  • Peak Subscriptions - 50,796 
  • Followers - 16.2mln
  • Channel Description - Auronplay is a Spanish GTA streamer, who is currently ranking at the top of the charts in multiple categories on Twitch.
  • Additional Info – Auronplay is also a great comedian: he comments on social issues with humor on YouTube. Before becoming a video blogger, he worked in a completely different field for 9 years. As soon as he managed to get a good income, he focused on what he loved.
  • TheGrefg


  • Peak Subscriptions - 88,585 
  • Followers - 11.9mln
  • Channel Description - TheGrefg — David was the leader by the number of people online in January when he held the ESLAND Awards ceremony in which several Spanish-speaking livestreaming content would receive their recognition.
  • Additional Info - David used to hold the Guinness World Record for the most concurrent viewers for a Twitch stream — almost 3 million viewers.

    TheGrefg is part of the Heretics team, which has many sponsors. For example, Logitech, Hyundai, Red Bull. The team has merchstore and many collaborations.



  • Peak Subscriptions - 33,132 
  • Followers - 1.7mln
  • Channel Description - A video game streamer, mainly battle royale games, gained success thanks to playing Fortnite but currently mainly streams Call of Duty. His longest-streamed game is Fortnite.
  • Additional Info - Tfue is the second streamer by the number of followers. He was a member of the FaZe Clan but left it because of disagreements with its members, although it was the collaboration with them that brought him popularity. He claimed that FaZe was taking most of his earnings and forcing him to do things he didn’t want to do. FaZe later sued him for non-compliance with the contract clauses.
  • His accounts were banned multiple times on different platforms, and in August 2018, several of his social media accounts were hacked.



  • Peak Subscriptions - 30,712 
  • Followers - 9.3mln
  • Channel Description - Pokimane, whose real name is Imane Anys, is a well-known streamer, YouTuber, and influencer in the gaming industry.
  • Additional Info - Pokimane started her career in gaming content on the Twitch platform in 2013. Her content on the game League of Legends propelled her to popularity — she was known for her funny and entertaining streams, as well as her gaming skills. One of the reasons for Pokimane’s popularity is her vibrant personality and ability to build engaging communication with viewers. She is fun, friendly, and often involves viewers in the gaming process by asking and answering questions during streams.


  • Peak Subscriptions - 36,621 
  • Followers - 1.2mln
  • Channel Description - MOONMOON has become famous for his streams of various games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Dark Souls, and many others.
  • Additional Info - He approaches the game with humor and carefreeness, making his streams morning shows where viewers can not only enjoy the game but also get into a positive mood.

    One of MOONMOON’s specialties is his ability to create interesting content by interacting with viewers and chatting with them during the game. He often involves the chat in his jokes, answers questions, and simply jokes around, making his streams incredibly fun and appealing to the audience. Numerous memes and often-repeated phrases used by MOONMOON during streams add a certain uniqueness to his content and allow viewers to create their own community around his character.

  • Alanzoka


  • Peak Subscriptions - 32,652 
  • Followers - 7mln
  • Channel Description - Alanzoka, whose real name is Alan Ferreira, is a Brazilian streamer and video blogger known for his content on Twitch and YouTube platforms. He specializes in streaming games of various genres, including shooters, RPGs, platformers, and other popular games.
  • Additional Info - Alanzoka is known for his high gaming skills as well as his funny and often unexpected reactions. He has strong communication skills and actively engages with his audience both during streams and out of them. Alanzoka strives to interact with his fans by answering questions, hosting contests, and creating a friendly atmosphere.

    In addition to gaming content, Alanzoka also creates vlogs and other diverse content on his YouTube channel. He shares his thoughts, experiences, and life moments, allowing viewers to get to know his personality beyond gaming streams.

  • Castro_1021


  • Peak Subscriptions - 44,977 
  • Followers - 3.7mln
  • Channel Description - Castro_1021 specializes in the game FIFA and frequently streams competitive gameplay or various football events.
  • Additional Info - Castro_1021 is known for his gaming skills and seeks to entertain his audience with his gameplay abilities. In addition to FIFA, Castro_1021 streams other popular games and provides diverse content on his Twitch channel. He often creates entertaining videos and releases clips of funny moments from his streams on his YouTube channel.

    Castro_1021 often uses humor, jokes, and trolling in his streams, making his content very appealing to viewers. Castro_1021 has a large fan base and followers who love him for his energy, humor, and passion for FIFA. He is considered to be one of the most well-known and successful streamers in the gaming community and continues to delight his audience with quality and fun content.

  • CohhCarnage


  • Peak Subscriptions - 20,496 
  • Followers - 1.6mln
  • Channel Description - CohhCarnage streams various genres of games, including role-playing games, adventure games, and first-person shooters.
  • Additional Info - CohhCarnage approach to streaming is that it is not just about playing; it’s a whole experience where he creates a cozy and friendly atmosphere for his viewers. He has a wide gaming experience and charisma that makes his streams captivating and makes viewers feel like part of the gaming world. He cares about his viewers, participates in interactive games, answers questions, and creates the feeling that every viewer is an important part of his stream.

    CohhCarnage is also known for his charity streams where he raises money to support various charities.

  • How to Check a Twitch Sub Count

    As we have already mentioned, visitors can’t see the Twitch subs count of your profile, but Twitch enables us to check the sub count of our channels. You can watch and download your Twitch sub counts list from your channel’s Dashboard. Besides twitch subcount, you can get info about your revenue, average viewers, and many more statistics.

    What advantages do subscribers receive?

    While most fans subscribe to Twitch channels to support their favorite streamers, they receive some benefits in return. The most common are:

    • Emotions and badges — emoticons that are unique to individual Twitch channels, which can be used in any other chat room on Twitch. In addition, the subscriber receives a special icon next to his own nickname that display alongside a subscriber’s name.
    • Special alerts. For example, thanking the viewer for their support and subscribing, or greeting a new follower. It strengthens the connection with the audience. The subscriber is also able to send the streamer a customized message.
    • Exclusive Chatroom. Some streamers create a sub-only chats. This can be useful for popular channels where comments can quickly disappear from the stream due to the number of viewers.
    • Ad-Free Viewing: Lots of streamers reward their subscribers with an ad-free viewing experience.


    To cheer a streamer and be visible among the fans. Usually, streamers mention donors, allowing them to be a part of the stream.

    You need to enable Twitch VOD. Go to your Creator Dashboard, open Settings, then Stream and enable “Store past broadcasts”.

    Anyone can easily upload a badge image from the dashboard, following Twitch subscriber badge guidelines and satisfying the platform’s requirements.

    A new streamer will get 50% of the subscription price. But the figure can be higher based on their popularity. Top streamers can earn 70%.

    There is no perfect time to stream. You need to understand when there are the least competitors and the most viewers in your niche. A suitable time slot may be between 12 midnight and 9 A.M. If you are a video games streamer, Twitch Strike may be very helpful in this.