Visual Trends: What Content to Create in 2024

3 min read
6 January 2024

Body part images

The first trend is shooting body parts.

There is a trend on Instagram where you make a collage of different body parts (eyes, lips, ears, fingers, feet) or post such pictures in the feed separately.

This trend can be a good idea for make-up artists, cosmetics and jewelry brands, massagists, and all other related experts.

Cropped photos without heads

This trend is ideal for stylists and accounts promoting clothes, for example. If you crop the head in the photo, the focus is on the outfit the person is wearing, and that is what matters if you sell clothes.

You don’t have to crop your head — you can only crop pictures up to your cheekbones. Moreover, you can also join the trend by covering your face with your phone, hand, or even hair.

Blurred pictures

You can revive a bad photo by adding noise and filters, making it stand out and look trendy. These days it is also quite common to make pictures blurry on purpose.

Blurry pictures are easy to make: just move as you take a photo to make it out of focus. It will look as if you are dancing.

Almost any brand can use this trend because you can’t see a person, clothes, or location in the photo. It works for bars and restaurants that want to show that they are fun, dynamic, and great to spend time at.

But there is one crucial detail: the picture will only look great if you make an effort to add noise and filters to achieve the blurry effect, not when you just post a no-good take.

Zoomed-in pictures

When you use zoom, picture quality naturally gets worse, sometimes drastically. However, this effect has a couple of advantages:

  1. It is trendy.
  2. Pixels on the picture become more visible; it adds noise to the shot, and it is on-trend these days.
  3. Your facial features don’t get distorted. It is rather common to see models with big noses and stretched foreheads in the accounts run by make-up artists just because the photographer, instead of using zoom, tried to bring the camera as close to the face as possible. Our phone cameras have wide lenses; consequently, the facial features tend to get extended. When you take a picture from a distance but use zoom, distortions don’t take place.

Dark feed and low contrast

Almost all previously mentioned trends fall under this category.

Dark feed doesn’t mean black feed. You can use low exposure right from the start or tune it in any photo editor after.

You can achieve low contrast by decreasing shades and light for a darker effect. By doing so, you reduce the difference between lighter and darker areas.

Is it worth following the trends?

Content always has priority over any trends. You can put all your efforts into making perfect shots. The result of it will be great, but if it doesn’t fall under the overall concept and development strategy of your Instagram account: your work will be useless. Keep track of recent trends and use them if they are to your liking, but follow your strategy.