What neural networks and their use on social media are

4 min read
24 August 2023

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you don’t have to spend hours on time-consuming and monotonous tasks. Neural networks perform routine tasks and allow you to spend more time working on large projects and interacting with clients.

On the other hand, as algorithms evolve, managing social networks effectively becomes a challenge for the SMM team and marketing managers. New tools and trends are emerging, and they are at least worth trying. As a result, it is increasingly difficult to build a marketing strategy and attract subscribers. Competition is growing faster than ever before.

Still, it’s hard to imagine working without AI in social media nowadays. Let’s look at the principal tools that are worth paying attention to.

3 life hacks on how to introduce neural networks into your SMM activities gradually

Social media marketers are a one-man band. They create content, analyze and track metrics, plan ad campaigns, and select sites for placement. Artificial intelligence can help in each of these roles.

1. Create simple captions for photos

AI is a helper for basic content creation. Instead of coming up with scripts for Stories or creating viral videos, SMMs often get stuck writing text-based posts, such as thinking about how to caption a photo.

AI is often not suitable for writing long-form writing, but simple descriptive posts, short tweets, or photo captions can be easily delegated to neural networks

2. Manage social media analytics

Writing content and interacting with followers in the comments is only half of social media success. A huge part of marketing is managing and monitoring statistics.

Artificial intelligence can take over tasks that require working and analyzing large amounts of data to help make marketing decisions better.

AI tools gather and process information much faster than any human expert would do it manually. Which means it becomes easier to predict the success of future publications.

3. Consult with AI when creating advertisements

As AI can create posts for social media, you can use these capabilities for advertising messages as well. Neural networks will help write ads by analyzing competitors’ experiences, which can predict the high virality of published content.

Deep learning algorithms allow neural networks to analyze text messages, comments, likes, and reposts and determine user preferences. For example, if a person often likes photos of cats, the neural network can conclude that such content is interesting to them.

Based on the results of user behavior analysis, personalized recommendations are created. For example, a neural network determines that a user is interested in fashion and follows the latest products from a particular brand and offers them advertisements or articles on this topic.

Common errors in AI queries and how to fix them

The most important thing is to form the right query. As accurate as it is, that’s what the result will be. If queries are vague and abstract, working with neural networks will not save time, but it will be an additional waste of resources.

How things work. The user generates a query (prompt). These can be questions, prescribed instructions, or just a free-form message. In response, the neural network generates the requested content.

Like an intern who just started, the neural network isn’t immersed in the process and doesn’t understand the nuances. Therefore, it is vital to think about how to set the prompt. For example, when working with ChatGPT, you have to:

1. Make an explicit request

‘Make a title of up to 100 characters for an educational seminar on how to run social media in 2023. Audience: Marketers working in SMM for a long time and willing to find new tools. It should be clear from the title that the event is only suitable for those who have already been working in SMM for a year or more.’

2. Include keywords and ask to add statistics

You can list phrases or keywords to help the neural network make text or select an image in the query. You can ask to add links to statistics — sources in the text will only strengthen it.

3. Specify technical parameters

For example, you need a text written in Russian. Let’s say you don’t want a post to contain particular terms — then it’s worth specifying what words to avoid in the prompt.

AI will help with the format of the text as well. For example, one of the frequent formats on Instagram is cards. We write in the request: ‘One card — two sentences under 200 characters.’

You don’t need to be a data analyst to make progress with various AI. It is worth accepting the inevitable and starting using ChatGPT or creating illustrations in Kandinsky 2.2 from today.