What to write about on Instagram

3 min read
1 February 2021

Where to begin

To succeed on Instagram, you should constantly generate new content and promote your account. Your main content is your key competence. So, what should you blog about?

For example, if you are a good realtor, you know about real estate. The same goes for an interior designer or a corporate lawyer. Besides a key topic, you should have a hobby that you can blog about.

Write down the topics of your interest in your notes. Choose the key one. After that, you will have an understanding of what kind of content you need to create.

Three steps to launch your project

Instagram is a perfect platform to raise interest in your product, your services, your company, some of your ideas, as well as to attract investment. There are three steps to launch a new project on Instagram.

1. Create interest

The first step is creating interest in your topic. For example, if you are going to open a contemporary art exhibition in your gallery, you should announce it a week or even a month in advance. Talk about the reasons to get involved in contemporary art. Post updates to increase people’s interest.

2. Show how it works

You can show the backstage and create interesting stories. Share the problems and difficulties of the whole process. This way, people will begin to get involved in your topic and wait for what happens next, meaning that you will write your own story.

3. Offer to the audience

The third step is to start selling tickets. You should invite people to visit the exhibition. Make an offer: how to get to the gallery, reasons to go there, how much a ticket costs, where and how to buy it. Promote your exhibition. Since people have been with you for the past two months, they already realize why they should go to contemporary art exhibitions. This topic became close to them because of your story: for example, you told the users how you faced local authorities when opening this exhibition. It is already much easier for them to make up their mind, buy a ticket, come to your exhibition, and give you a positive review.

Impostor Syndrome

Impostor Syndrome is a feeling that many people experience from time to time. This is absolutely normal. There is a tendency: the more you study, the more it seems to you that you know little about your topic. This is normal. So, don’t be afraid of this syndrome and write more. If you write on one topic, sooner or later the audience will recognize you as an expert.

What if you don’t know what to write about:

  1. You may recall funny incidents from your life, work, or business. You can tell about unusual, strange, or even scary moments.
  2. Think about the pains and dreams of your followers. You can ask your audience about it in a story or post.