What's new in the Publishing tool

2 min read
28 June 2024

Some pleasant additions to the Publishing tool you’ll definitely like.

Watermark for photos and videos

The watermark is now available for all social networks.

To add a watermark, you need to upload it in the settings of each of your accounts. Please note that the watermark should be in PNG format on a transparent background.

Next, you need to move on to creating a post. Once the photo or video has finished uploading, the watermark will appear automatically.

Adding a custom Reels cover for Instagram Business and Facebook

Upload the video, click on the edit icon, and add your own cover.

Geotagging for Instagram & Facebook Reels

We’ve added the ability to mark locations in Reels. To do this, upload the video and use the Add geotag feature.

New photo editor

The crucial difference from the previous version is in the design and location of the buttons. All the core functions, such as cropping, rotation, color correction, and filters, are there. A light theme has been added as well.

To add text, use the Annotate tool.

Before you start, you need to update the token in the settings of your Instagram* profile, which is linked to the platform. It is necessary to give our application updated access with the permissions needed to publish tags.

Joint posts

Add posts or Reels and tag other users. When creating a post, use the icon with a picture of a man directly in the publication form.

Enter your account name.


Types of publications you can invite collaborators to:

  • Reels
  • One-image posts
  • Carousel posts (both videos and images)

Inviting collaborators to Stories is currently unavailable.

You also have the option to tag people in posts.

The difference between custom tagging and co-authoring is that if someone tags you in a photo or video, that photo or video will not be visible to your followers. If this is a tag added as part of co-authorship, the post is published in the feeds of all tagged authors and will be available to followers.

A few more nice improvements

  1. The character limit for the first comment on Facebook adjusted;
  2. Facebook Stories preview improved.