5 benefits of Facebook

4 min read
28 August 2018

Let’s stand up for our favorite Facebook. Not all people waste their time and degrade themselves here looking through the feed and getting annoyed about other people’s beach photos. Everything depends on your attitude to life, and you can improve and evolve yourself even in social media (not talking about those who make big money here teaching how to write posts, for example).

Here are the things we should be grateful to Facebook for:

For friends

True friends exist only in real life, don’t they? We don’t think so. It is proved by practice that there is life behind kitten avatars! Sometimes this way you can find interesting people with whom you are so much on the same page, that you both can type the same comment simultaneously.

There are those who watched the same favorite TV series and are ready to discuss them till dawn. There are those who will tell you good words when you feel bad. Moreover, they will direct message you and ask: “How can I help you?” And the next thing you know you’re having coffee and posting images of the greatest devirtualization ever.

For news

Even if you hate reading newspapers, watching TV and stay away from what journalists tell every day, here you will not escape from learning what is happening all around the world in time.

Small business is suffering again? The feed will immediately show fresh publications in which accountants and lawyers explain new laws in a simple way.

Madonna is turning 60? And everybody immediately starts posting videos with the pop-star dancing not worse than 20-30-40 years ago.

For the fact, that Facebook never sleeps and for 24-hour support and communication

You can post any question you want to your feed at any time from “how to cook lasagna” to “please recommend me some cool tattoo master.” And there will always be someone who will see your post and start talking to you.

Yes, there are haters as well, but we can easily ban them, and sometimes we do not mind trolling an unpleasant stranger. Haters are like flies, but you should not get upset because of them. Get your fly repellent and sense of humor ready, and everything will be fine.

For the possibility to evolve yourself

If there is anything that Facebook has plenty enough, it is different online courses, webinars, sessions of training and closed learning groups. You can learn to do everything you want right from your favorite armchair: from speaking Chinese to sketching, from making toys of wool to storytelling, from voice training to intimate gymnastics. And there are many more things you can try for free.

In the morning you are learning how to stir wine in the glass together with the other beginner sommeliers, and then in the afternoon you are getting amazed with the depth of the universe looking at Neptune in your natal charts, and finally, in the evening, you are listening to podcasts of experienced bloggers.

For motivation

You open your feed and can hardly decide whom to envy first. This man has run a marathon, and that girl has swum a 10 km distance in the pool. Here some people have issued their 10th book, meanwhile, in some other place other people are doing parachute jumps online, and somewhere else someone else is signing a contract with a Hollywood studio. After banging your head at the screen for a while, you suddenly find yourself reaching for your sneakers, flippers, and bike. Wow! And you are already posting your suntanned abs…or dreaming of posting such a picture. Though by the way there have been programs for a long time already which can make your eyes bigger or waist thinner. photo of your abs is not really a problem.

We have enumerated just 5 benefits, but in fact, you can thank Facebook endlessly.

Do you still think that Facebook is boring and aggressive? Clear your feed, meet new people, follow interesting pages and blogs. Here you can even live. Here you can find everything.