6 rumors about Facebook

4 min read
6 November 2018

Zuckerberg gathers your data and submits them to governments

If you are so suspicious, make a bunker, listen to the old record player and eat pancakes, because just pancakes are thin enough to fit a gap between the bunker door and the floor. Form a useful habit to clear your chats, not to post on your page where you keep your jewelry and do not tattoo your credit card pin code on your skin.

There are just elderly people here

And this really hurts our feelings. Zuckerberg is a smart guy and always invents new features to attract different audiences. For example, those GIFs, that you like so much, do you think old men and women need them? In fact, they don’t care those moving pictures.

And those Stories? What we retirees can post there? Our new hot water bottles? Or maybe moss panels? Why not, by the way. We are still young in our hearts and we can post Stories not worse than you.

So, stop panicking. Facebook’s audience is all right: diverse and of mixed age. Do not forget that this social network was created by a student, initially, it was meant for studying. People did not waste time but shared knowledge there. Read about how Mark Zuckerberg invented all that, it’s really interesting.

It is a boring and tedious network, full of longreads

And again, it is not true. And Facebook is nothing to be blamed for. Just follow those who are of interest to you. Update your feed and customize its settings — and everything will be great for you.

The same rule works for Facebook as for the life in general: Like attracts like, and you should unfollow uninteresting stuff. By the way, as for longreads, it is also not true. There are texts of different length, volume, and character number, and pictures captioned with a short text get the most liked.

Passionate men try to get acquainted with each and every girl and send unexpected photos directly to Messenger

What can we tell you? Yes, it happens. If it is for better or for worse, we do not know exactly.

How to avoid such situations? Do not: friend suspicious users, like their pages, attract their attention.

But if you receive a message like “You’re a sexy chick, wanna sex with me?”, after all, ban this guy immediately. If he keeps on stalking you via another account, contact the Facebook support or even submit the screenshots of the conversation to the police. It really works, do not allow anyone to spoil your good time on Facebook.

If you say “I want a vacation”, you will immediately see the hotel advertising on Facebook

Yes, it’s true. But not if you just say it, you need to Google it. That’s all. You will be constantly seeing swimsuit, sunscreen, and slippers advertising. Targeting specialists also need money, just understand it.

Photos and texts are stolen here very often

We would really tell you some good news on it, but it is true. It is the scourge not only of Facebook but also of all social media. For some reason, people think that everything published on social networks automatically belongs to everybody. They rewrite articles just changing titles and the paragraph order. Photos are taken to thematic groups without captioning “stolen on the internet”.

Can authors be protected? Yes, they can. But they have to make a good effort and spend a good deal of money. Before posting something, visit a notary and certify each piece of your text. They say that they grant a discount for funny posts. Or you can issue a book or an album. This way you will have a proof that you are the author, not someone else. Or you can just post some texts slamming the thief, pulling your hair out and sobbing: “This is my text!”. You will get sympathy and respect, and the thief — dislikes and curses.

By the way, not so long ago we wrote about where to legally take free and good pictures. Send this link to those who steal from you, and keep on making great posts — we welcome it.