7 rookie mistakes of amateur YouTubers

2 min read
29 December 2021

1. Short videos

From August 1, YouTube changed its policy. It has lowered the minimum length for videos with advertising. Now, videos can be 8-10 minutes long.

2. Waffling

Avoid expletives that carry no meaningful information and only take valuable video time.

3. Static videos

Try to make videos more dynamic, add cross-cutting with music to make your videos more interesting to watch. Play around with different angles: start from one and then zoom in and out. It will make your video more dynamic. Just don’t forget to follow the recommendations for YouTube video ratio.

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4. Too loud music

Check the sound to see that it is not louder than the speech. If the sound is of poor quality, no one will watch it for sure. Also, avoid adding aggressive music to your videos.

5. Excessive gesturing

Avoid fast and excessive gesturing. Make sure you control your hands, and there are not too many movements in the scene. It distracts people from the video itself. Try to minimize the number of motions, speak slower, accentuate particular points, and articulate properly.

6. Long intro

It is recommendable that you highlight the problem you will talk about right from the start. Get straight to the point and share the idea you want to put across.

7. Unemotional speech

Add more emotions and accents to your speech. Avoid talking with the same intonation and at the same pitch. Make your story emotional and do meaningful pauses to allow people to watch your videos easily. However, don’t make pauses too long. Try to change your intonations and accentuate essential things. Make sure to rehearse before recording. You can even write a script indicating pausing and words to highlight.