Where to get high-quality content for social networks?

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24 November 2021

When we say that we need to post content on Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook, or any other social network, the question of where to get the information arises immediately. Many people have a brain freeze or a desire to copy this information from the Internet — not to waste either time or money.

The basis of any promotion campaign, social network, or account is content because people follow or do not do it for that reason. Content is crucial for sales. Of course, you need to invest in it. Just as you think that you need to spend money on advertising, look for SMM specialists, engage in promotion, you need to think about investing in content and how to arrange it, how much it will cost.

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How not to do

Hiring specialists is the first step any entrepreneur wants to take right away.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. The entrepreneur pays and sets up a team. But where will the team get the information if the entrepreneur refuses to share their expertise or does not want to involve the employees, arrange the creating and generating content process? Hired specialists will steal content from the Internet. And nobody needs and is not interested in it.

Even if you hire someone to make content for you, the content should relate to you and show your expertise and your company cases.

How to do

1. Author’s content

Now, in 2021, it is not even a question of stealing content or taking pictures from the Internet, overlaying text on them, and posting like that. It does not work anymore. Social networks are fighting for original, copyrighted content. Social networks try to exclude and upset everyone who tries to copy and steal so that such accounts have small outreaches.

It is always possible to create quality content. It is necessary to solve the issue with pictures involving suppliers or customers: ask them to take catchy photos and write reviews in exchange for discounts, promotional codes, gifts, and contests. Or create conditions inside the stores so that you can take pictures of something beautiful.

2. High-quality design

Now photoshoot prices are so that it will not be an issue to make high-quality photographs. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Your task is to find relevant references. It does not have to be done by the entrepreneur —an SMM manager can do it.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or retouching specialist. Now you can make quality content having a good smartphone.

If you do not know how to shoot, consult a photographer. And the quality of your content will improve immediately.

3. Visual experience

It is vital to train your sense of beauty and develop a visual experience. Follow not only peers but also global trends. Learn what is happening in the world on Instagram and what big corporations are doing.

4. Arrangement of the SMM teamwork

Your task is to set the work process within the company. You need to understand what you can do to get good content: should you invite a photographer or not? Do you have money for a photographer or not? Let’s say there is no money for a photographer. What other options do you have? What are available smartphones? Are there any free people who can be assigned the task of a photographer? Create a chat for the content. Each employee will share photos there. Then the SMM specialist will select the pictures for posting.

What to write about?

  1. Don’t be the new Wikipedia. Now people don’t have time for long reads. People want either exclusive information that only you have or your clear and understandable explanations, that is, put complex things in simple words and give examples. People are tired of the fact that everyone is endlessly trying to teach them something, develop them, make the world a better place, and so on. But at the same time, still, there are some open questions. People want to know how something works and is arranged to get answers to their questions. But at the same time, they do not want to be burdened.
  2. Speak the language of the audience. Show helpful and attractive things, life hacks, everyday situations, jokes related to the product, features not to be found in an ordinary kitchen, tricks, and recipes.
  3. The text should be easy to read and catchy. Naturally, the content should always be valuable. Try to write informatively and without the fluff. Use your statements and cases, share helpful thoughts and experiences.
  4. Don’t copy your competitors. You can take some ideas from them, rethink, show your inner world and the content value, vision, knowledge, what you have in your head, and make new products.